Improve Topaz Photo AI is a legal liability IMO

I think its a huge issue that you have added the option upload our photos to yourselves so prominent in the application. It would be very easy to accidentally turn it on and if were working with other peoples photos at the time then were both liable for breach of copyright.

This is even more likely to happen with the nag box that pops up asking you do enable it after a while.

However much I understand you want this to improve the training, it should not be in our face like this and should require a few hoops to enable, to ensure you are absolutely 100% are intending to do so. After all, its a potential liability to Topaz too if you end up training the AI on photos you do not have permission from the copyright holder to do so on.

Thanks for sharing this. In general, I would recommend keeping that setting off if a user knows they will work with copyright images.

You could always manually enable it for sessions where the file can be shared in the export menu.

The position of it so close to export bothers me, but more so that I keep getting a popup to enable it with Continue and Turn on and Continue as options. It would be easy to click the wrong one especially as Enable seems be highlighted (naturally I didn’t check what pressing enter would do here).

It should not be bugging me to enable it and definitely not be so easy to do so when it does.

That popup will only appear three times. After that, it will never appear again (we’re done nagging after 3).

That’s good to know, although I still think its too easy to accidentally hit the wrong button on it.

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