Importing back to lightroom from topaz Studio

I have not found a way to import back to lightroom after using Studio as an external editor. What am I missing? I have latest edition …9 of studio and running windows 10. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Use “Save as”, highlight the image that was passed and click yes to confirm to replace the image passed to Studio.

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If I click SAVE AS when in topaz, I have to put it on my desktop to save it, then re-download it into LR to see it there… It doesn’t go back into LR automatically. Normally, with external editors the edited photo appears in Lightroom when I close the editor. With Topaz, I like the “Save” icon in lower right, but it doesn’t go anywhere. It’s saved in Topaz - with other edits, but I can’t get it back into LR. You say, above, that “you highlight the image that was passed.” Do you highlight it in Topaz or in LR?

Please update to Studio 1.5.3, where we have corrected the Lightroom document issue.

I have updated to 1.5.10 but I don’t see any way to get back to Lightroom. Is there a button I press? I don’t see any on the screen. Thank you.

Note that the current version is 1.10.5 … I hope you have that?

Try the Save on the bottom right hand corner and it will be saved back to LR … should you wish to close Studio after that just exit without saving again.

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