Rating (Color Code) not returned from Studio to Lightroom

I have the same issue, using 1.10.5

I believe I found the issue. I use color codes to work my pictures. When I select a picture in Lightroom Classic to edit in Studio, edit it, save and return, the color code is missing so does not show up in the current color filter. How can this be fixed? It worked just fine prior to upgrading to Studio.
I have upgraded to the newest Studio 1.11.4 as of 6/14/18 (Windows) Didn’t help this issue.

Yes it seems that is an issue, can you raise a support ticket from the Need Help link above please. @JoeFedric-TL will follow up then.

Note: Color Code is applied to the image to edit but isn’t added on return from Studio when the EXIF is applied.

I already have a support question in.