Image layers

i see people talking about image layers. i cant find the image layer button, much less try to make a new image layer. have you ever thought about an instruction manual. it seems to me that topaz is “dumbing down” its program


Topaz Studio 1 has an Image layer that can be added to the adjustments and can be blended with the adjustments. It allows you to drag and drop any original or modified image into the layer and blend it with the new image. The new Studio 2 doesn’t have this.

Here an sample of where are the layers in Studio 2. Hope i help.

Funny you say that. I think (if you read the roadmap posting from the Topaz devel team) they are making Studio 2 more sophisticated than Studio 1 - once the intended elements are all incorporated. Until that time, I am relying heavily on using Studio 2 as a plugin w/in Ps CC & handling all Topaz plugin applns via Ps layers. Fingers (& toes) crossed the Studio 2 processing spd improvements over Studio 1 are sustained once the planned feature functionality is added. :crossed_fingers:

And yet the new studio 2 is supposed to be better??!

I just watched Jim Nix do a sweet sky replacement with Studio 1 and I did one to see how it worked. Easy Peasy. Then opened Studio 2 to try it and no way. Can’t layer two images. Think I might stick with 1 since it does everything I want and I know how to get around it. 2 seems like it would be useful to someone who is new to post processing


jstech. You don’t need an image layer button. When you use a filter or make an adjustment to your image, you automatically create a layer. It should automatically show up in the window area on the right side of the window. At the moment it seems like the software needs to be fixed. You don’t see the layer unless you go over and click on the “CBS Eyeball” Icon, which is supposed to disable the effects on that layer, and it does, but clicking it also reveals this and all the other layers you may have created. When you click that Icon again it shows the effects you just made to the image. You have options to create a mask for that layer, hide it from view, or modify it further. Once you add another adjustment (filter), you will have a new layer added above the one you created previously. I’ve sent a note to Topaz to ask them to work on this bug, unless this is how they want it to work.

Update---- I just did another test, and the layers are now automatically showing without having to hit the eyeball. Feels a little like I’m in the Twighlight Zone. But I am awake and it’s now working, and so I’m happy.

Thanks for the info. I was used to layers showing when you created them. I understand that compositing layers will show up later, or am I wrong with that too.

The talk about image layers is that they will be added in a future maintenance release.

where is the ability to create layers in topaz studio 2?

In other words, an adjustment actually produces an adjustment layer? That’s not what a layer usually denotes. Layers are usually used in compositing.

It’s planned for later.

In Studio-1 an adjustment produces an adjustment layer. Same thing for Affinity Photo.

In general, I use layers on a daily basis and I rarely, if ever, do compositing so your statement is overly broad to say the least.

Kathy, would you please explain why you are doling Studio 2 out in such a piecemeal manner? I understand that the company just wants to get this out asap, but I feel that this is a poor way of doing it. As I am seeing it this really is not an update, I see it as a significant change and basically consider it a new program.

I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time re-learning Studio, yet, but from my initial review, I’m sorry to say that I like to old format better.


The marketing pages explicitly state that (new program) though it appears the message has been slow to resonate. There is a totally new direction with the same name - they were going to change that too, but decided against it (perhaps in hind-sight they should have). So, yes, update is not really the most appropriate term in this context.

The new direction is touched on here: Topaz Studio-2

That is the type of explanation I’ve been looking for. Either through my negligence or oversight, I hadn’t seen this link that you sent.

Thank you.

However, I still feel that it would have been better to present the entire package once it was completed, with everything included.

One last point. I believe a tutorial would be a big help. Yes, we can figure things out on our own, but it would help us and save a lot of time by giving us some guidelines to get started with.

Hi babinc,

I’m a volunteer moderator and a user like you; not a Topaz employee. I see @jgr00ms2 was able to link to the Marketing info for you.

You can still use the original Topaz Studio as Topaz Studio 2 does not overwrite it.

Not necessarily. Certainly not the only use in Ps. Layers primarily allow you to layer on different effects and filters, then blend them, adjust the quality of elements in them (like with Curves, or Contrast, or Vibrance, etc.). And they allow you segregate the work you do into different tiers such that you can remove some of the tiers and not lose all your work. If you choose to add compositing to the mix (I often do…) that’s an indiv creative decision. But it’s not the only, or even primary, motivation for layers methinks.

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There is one scheduled for next Tues., 7/30 that Hazel Meredith is presenting. You may have gotten an email about it…