I'm now call the missing Export Preview a Bug - I need it to use Video AI full stop

I know there must have been good reasons to remove Export Preview, but for some of us it was a necessary feature for our workflows. I would noe need to preview my whole clip in order to verify if the my settings work. This is a huge waste of time if I could just Export and then pause if I see a problem occur. It has been over 60 days since so many of us have requested that Export Preview be re-added.

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As a temporary workaround I export my files to .mkv instead of .mp4 because the .mkv can be watched during export still.

Interesting, how? Using VLC or something like that at the same time or within the Topaz gui?

I am watching the temporary file during processing via an exeternal player, the MPC-HC:

Same here, missing the live preview during export badly. Switched to mkv where I can “preview” during export. I use IINA as my video player, VLC mentioned above should also work.

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