Idea For New Topaz Product - Film Restoration (Film Damage Recovery)

In my Topaz Video Enhance AI adventures I’ve come across a need that I think Topaz’s AI know how much be able to help with restoration work.

While not so much an issue with modern film production, footage shot on traditional film media is easily subject to damage, be they quick spots of dirt or scratches or more severe damage (vertical lines, bits of the frame that have been scraped off from damage, etc).

Why not use AI processing to repair this damage using neural networks?

It would need to be temporally aware obviously but would be an amazing tool (assuming it could be done).

(I would attach png examples of the types of damage but I don’t have any that I don’t have the rights to reproduce on the forum right now.)

(NOTE: I originally posted this under General Discussions but realized this is probably a better spot.)


This has my vote, too. Although nearly all image content made today is digital, there are literally hundreds of millions of prints, slides, and negatives that could be digitized. More would be except for what a huge pain it is to remove dust specks and scratches on post-processing. I would pay $500 for an application that did a really good job of this on stills. Add another $500 for a product that would do the same with digitized film.


Excellent idea! I also would pay for a program that would help repair dust/ scratches/etc.


This would be a fantastic feature. Currently this has to be done mostly manual using very costly software. Archival film restoration is indeed a very nice market, hence the pricing. There are currently many people scanning their old 8mm films from the past using affordable and easy to use hardware like the Wolverine Moviemaker Pro. I would happily pay for this feature.


This would also be useful for restoration from old tape sources, i.e. tape dropouts.

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I actually came here today to ask for this. I digitize old 8mm and Super8 film which typically has dirt, scratches, color changes (fading/“reddening”) etc. Video Enhance doesn’t really help with those currently, although it does help with the grain somewhat.

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Thought I’d add my tuppence worth as well.

I’ve definitely love a feature like this. I digitise negatives/slides using film scanners with ICE which does a pretty good job, but the ICE program is showing its age and is limited in its abilities.

Silverfast scanning software comes with its own version of ICE but their pricing structure on their software is so ridiculous that I haven’t bought it (you have to buy a copy for each type of scanner you have).

Having said that, they have released a program for removing scratches and dust marks from photographs where there was no negative to scan. It’s a plugin for Photoshop called SRDX. I’ve found it to be quite useful in some circumstances cutting down on the manual work required in removing dots, but other times it’s not so great. It’s also not been updated that much since release so I don’t think they are doing much to improve it.

I love the continual updates and improvements to Topaz software so if they could bring out an AI dust/scratch removal tool for still and, if possible, video, that would be absolutely amazing!

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