I can't describe the results in PAI3 other than the photos look horrible!

Okay, just simple jpgs from my Pixel 6. TPAI 2.3.2 and earlier would clean them up nicely in automatic, no fuss.
TPAI 3 is unusable!
System: ConceptD 5 Pro Creator laptop
DxDiag.txt (159.1 KB)



This looks like I painted over those dogwood flowers with watercolors. And about the new UI–I hate it. It reminds me of some cheap tablet apps that I’ve seen that just have the basics, no real control.

I absolutely loved the results I got before these “improvements.”

Will be reverting to 2.3.2, this version is useless for me.

On Autopilot V3 and V2.3 produce the same bad result. Perhaps your preferences were set different in V2.3?

Anyway, TPAI is trying to use the “Strong” model denoising on this photo, where there isn’t any significant noise, but alot of jpeg compression artifacts. Just turn off the denoising.

Those trees are Eastern Redbud, but yes, that looks pretty bizarre.

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I think the AI is confusing the texture of the flowers with noise. As said above, turn off the denoising. If you are upscaling, you will also need to experiment with the sliders to get the best result, or the one that appeals to you most.