How to get Nyx v2 to work?


get a message saying i am not using Nyx v1 ai becasue of my settings, what setting are needed? how do i get v2 to work? I am upscaling from HD to 4k.

You may need to Enable Previous Model Versions in the advanced tab of preferences.
You’ll also likely want to wait until they fix it’s over sharpening bug.


Nyx is a denoiser not a upscaler.

Its made for denoising of high quality footage.

well, Nyx 2 claims to also be an upscaler (x2) as well.

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Yes, read the release notes for v4.

The Nyx model, originally launched in version 3.5.0, is now updated to v2 and includes a 2x Upscale mode

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ah ok.

You are using Nyx v2 right now. There’s just a bug that results in teh Nyx v1 warning message showing up when you use Nyx v2.

This is now fixed in v4.0.2!