How to edit 4:3 Letterbox

First up, I’d like to say that I hate the new look, and I find it virtually impossible to figure out how to view previews properly!

But my main question is this. When I try to upscale videos that were recorded in 4:3 SD to 1080p the final result is a much smaller window within the Letterbox/Pillarbox. When it is a widescreen video originally on a 4:3 recording I get a reduced image instead of taking up the full screen.

I know that using the Crop tool on the Auto setting helps, but I can never remember exactly what other settings I should be adjusting (Pixel Type & Crop Setting).

Therefore, can someone please help me with the correct settings that I should be using???

There is no preview for crop in TVAI 4 right now. They said that’s coming later.
For a wide screen on 4:3, draw the crop where you need it and apply. Set square pixels. When you export, the crop will be done.

Or you can just do crop to fill. That also works if you don’t have too wide of black bars on the side: