How do I stop blue eyes from becoming brown eyes?

Blue eyes are becoming brown eyes during use of Topaz software when faces are involved. Is there a way to stop this behavior or a way to convert from brown to blue afterwards within Topaz software?

Have you tried the newest release, that has been a complaint in the past but they claim to have solved it.

Thank you for your reply! I am using Topaz Photo AI 1.4.0, the latest release (I think). It may be that the resolution is making it difficult for the SW to realize the eyes are blue. But, the restored eyes are clearly replaced with AI brown eyes. Ideally, there would be an enhancement to toggle between brown and blue eyes for subjects.

Hi, here’s the latest version

This will fix the eye issue

Sorry for the delay… I just got back to the project, did the suggested update, and it looks much better! Thank you very much Andrew!!!

Sorry for the delay. Thank you very much Kevin!!!

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