HI Issue with upscalinx X5 times

I have problem with autopilot!
Here is two files you can try it by you self upscale it!
All lines are mixed! Totally… but they are high contrast to understand how to precess.
I hope you can fix it ASAP!

Do not rely on autopilot. Autopilot is highly unreliable and often makes the image worse. You should manually adjust the settings yourself to achieve better image quality.

Here is a comparison between Autopilot vs Manual Setting at full resolution

If you want them to improve, you may send your image to developer using the dropbox link below.

Thanks for advice!
But for manual i Can use Photoshop as well!
But my need use autopilot - this only one reason why i bought Topaz!
I will send Image by your link!

We are working on improving Autopilot. In the meanwhile, there are controls you can use to get Autopilot working more like what you want.

In the image you shared, it looks like you sharpened everything and used an upscaling model which did not work well for your image.

Try opening the Preferences > Upscale menu and select Default AI Model as High Fidelity then decrease the Minor Deblur Strength to Very Weak.

Hopefully that gets you a better result.

Sorry for late answer!

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