Help with Nyx v2

A newbie here.
I have been tinkering with video Ai for a while, and it is amazing. I have a problem, though, I need help with.
I have been upscaling and enhancing movies. I find the new nyx v2 does a very good job of enhancing and noise reduction, sometimes perhaps too good!
My main issue is that, on certain clips, nyx has this tendency to reduce darker areas to complete inky black, as though it clips below a certain level. Like a black glow on some sections.
Has anybody else noticed this?
Another issue is, that even with the reduce noise slider at zero, it could still be too much!
Is it just me?
I appreciate any and all inputs.

System: Video Ai 4.0.4 , Windows 10, Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti

I haven’t tried Nyx 2 on anything bigger resolution than a DVD, so maybe it works on such things. For DVDs though, it over-sharpens on any setting combination.
I can get okay results form Nyx 1.
The issue topic I created got marked as deferred. I hope that means the AI model team is working on a new version.

Short answer: Nyx 2 might be broken.


Thank you for your reply.
nyx v2 is actually very good, but it needs a little work.

  • it comes on very strong, even at min. settings.
  • it makes weird things to darker areas. It can clip to black, and sometimes it generates a green haze effect.
    But the general noise reduction, sharpening and upscaling is probably better than the other filters.
    I have tried it on med/low quality 1080p movies.
    Hope there is a work around this, if anybody can point me to it.
    Or if it needs more work, I hope developers are reading this.

NYX is Broken. First time trying it, it sent my graphics card into a noisy tizzy! Have never run into that before with Topaz.

I’ve never had an issue like that happen. Every once in awhile, I try it out to see if they’ve fixed anything with it. With the update yesterday, nothing’s changed.

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