HEIC photos doubles after imported to Photo AI on Macbook Pro (M1), Photo AI 1.3.2

When I want to process HEIC photos with Photo AI 1.3.2 on my Macbook Pro (M1), shot with Sony Alpha 7IV with HEIC format, the photo is somehow doubled in the Photo AI screen. I could process it with Photo AI and save it to Apple Photos, and there it remaines doubled.
With native iPhone HEIC photos, this error does not appear, so it might be an issue with the specific Sony HEIC files.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Import HEIC photos from Sony Alpha 7IV
  2. Select photo in the Apple Photos app and edit it from within the Apple Photos app, such that Photo AI processes the HEIC file
  3. The photo is opened in Photo AI with this erroneous double-view
  4. I could process it with Photo AI as normal (noise, sharpen, …), this is applied to the doubled photo
  5. The doubled photo is saved doubled in Apple Photos

This is a real showstopper using Photo AI with my new camera, so please fix it.

Unfortunately I could not upload one example HEIC photo because uploading HEIC is not supported. So here you have a screenshot of the view of a doubled photo in Photo AI:

2023-04-30-22-32-57.tzlog (95.3 KB)

MacBook Pro System Profile.spx (6.4 MB)

Topaz Photo AI [v1.3.2] on [Mac]

I suspect that HEIF format from Sony is not supported yet. In the meantime you can download the converter from Sony by using the Imaging Edge Desktop (Remote/Viewer/Edit) to convert HEIF files to JPG and process them.

I was hoping to get around that

Please upload the file to my Dropbox so I can check what is happening. We support HEIC and HEIF but this file may be created slightly differently.

You can securely submit your image(s) to my Dropbox using the link below. Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.
Dropbox File Request

Thanks a lot! Cat file was uploaded

Hello from Germany,
this problem is not a HEIC Data Problem but still there with any other Camera formats. Especially in Lightroom, when you like to adjust a Picture bei Photo AI, in every time it doubles the original pic, which could be normal when…, yes when the worked out picture is the one with changed data, but this is not !!

So you normally could delete this copies, arrange than an reload on your Lightroom Data and will find the right one afterwards in your Catalog.-

This never happens with all other AI-tools from Topaz and loöks a little misunderstanding or mistake in your program data

Harald on 7th of May 2023

Hi Harald, no, it’s not a duplicate of the photo such that you’ll get two separate files, but a duplicate within the same photo. Please look at my screenshot above, there you see one and a half cat, that’s all in the same file in Photo AI

Thanks for sending the image. I reproduced it and created a task for my team to resolve this.

I’ll bring it up on on Friday meeting and see if we can fix it for next week.

Great news! Looking forward to the fix :slight_smile:

We figured out the issue is with a software library we use. Could we post this image with the cat publicly to this software’s bug reporting so a developer can fix it?

Of course! Sheldon (the cat) will love it :slight_smile:

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