Hanging, crashing, random errors

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  • Topaz takes forever to process when clicked on export. Eventually, after 5-10 mins, it shows all of them with an error
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DxDiag.txt (158.2 KB)

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    logsForSupport.zip (2.6 MB)

You have a problem with your nvidia drivers as listed under under dxdiag notes section.
I suggest you run something like DDU to fully remove the drivers and re-install using the studio driver.

Also I see you have no displays attached and appears you are remote connecting to this PC via RDP.

Ok - So I reinstalled OS and also reinstalled NVIDIA drivers after running DDU.

I’ve attached both, Topaz logs and dxdiag logs again along with some screenshots.

Still facing the same issue :frowning:

2024-05-17-14-24-29-Main.tzlog (1.1 MB)
DxDiag.txt (165.4 KB)

The last log doesnt seem to show any process attempts, it is just trying to open a a file constantly. The previous logs show a driver/encoder error that could be caused by the video file.

Great thanks! I’ll test it with some other file and report back. Much appreciated :pray:t3:

Seems right now… Thanks much for the help mate! Cheers