Green borders on the preview window

This point refers to 5.0.2 and has already been mentioned by others in the beta forums.

The green color of the borders on the preview windows are unsuitable for the purpose. That isn’t a mattere of taste, but ergonomics. The color is very bright (luinamce is much too high) and thus, the borders are extremely distracting when comparing previews.

I’m aware that I can turn it off by disabling the A/B comparison mode, but what if I need this mode?

From my point of view, corporate design is an important thing, but it should be implemented in way that users can love it without negative impact on daily work.

Noted and shared with the team.



If keeping this bright green color of the borders by default has priority, perhaps you can consider adding an option to the preferences to change it to something significantly darker, the dark blue fromV4 was not bad for the purpose.

Team will be looking at this in the future for changes to the UI.

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English is not my native language, but if I understand the meaning of “deferred” correctly, this is not a good idea, from my point of view.