GPU upgrade recommendations

I am interested in upgrading my GPU. My current GPU is an AMD RX580 8gb which works okay but is slow when processing updates on Topaz Photo software. I am considering upgrading to an Nvidia RTX 4060 TI 16gb. Can anyone offer any feedback on using this GPU with Topaz software, or suggest another GPU?

Here’s my goto for evaluating GPU upgrades.,4388.html

Updates is to do with your internet speed.

I have the RTX 4060 8gb and it is fairly fast, processing Topaz, 16gb should be fine.
Whether that is the best value in your area, I have no idea.

Take the 16 GB model, dont save the money for a 8 GB model.

Depends on the price difference. The 16gb is only about 25% faster.

It’s not about the speed, but what you can do with it.

If the memory is full, you might as well use the CPU.

My GPU has 32 GB, I could use AI models that occupy 20 GB and still have 12 free to work with.

I have gigabits download and upload speed but why does that matter.

Thats gaming, its very different from TVAI or TPAI.

I think he is confusing this with adobe, with their generative fill the internet speed plays a role, not with Topaz.

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If you’ve got the money for a 4060 Ti 16 GB, I would strongly recommend the 4070 if you can stretch your budget another $100 or so. Yes, it only has 12 GB (4 GB less), however if you read the reviews you’ll find that the 128-bit memory bus doesn’t do the 16 GB much favors on the 4060 Ti.

On a side note I really wouldn’t recommend using an AMD card, because I have had more issues with Topaz Video AI when upscaling using AMD cards than I have nVidia cards so far. Issues like driver timeouts which lead to interrupted upscaling, in addition to heavily artifacted frames when interpolating.

Frank. Ian, I read that I should stay away from amd. Intel has entered the market with their arc gpu but the reviews are ambiguous. Regarding the rxt 4060 ti, I have read about the 128bit memory bus restriction, so that’s one of the reasons I’m asking the community if anyone has had experience using this GPU. Money is an issue, so I’m looking for a balance of performance and cost. The 4060ti is about $450, but if the 128bit bus will limit performance significantly then its not worth the money. I’m hoping to hear from someone who has actually used this card.

Not confusing with Adobe. He said updates, thought he meant Topaz updates to new versions.

Seems he means processing.

I use the RTX 4060 8gb, I find it fine for Topaz and Topaz is the worst software I use. Photoshop and DxO are much faster.

I don’t do video.

Whether the 16gb ti version is worth it, depends on what you are doing.

Topaz is not a huge part of my processing.

Thanks Hibi,

I was looking to hear from someone who uses the 4060. How long does it generally take to process an image in photo ai, sharpen, denoise?

Not long, only about 10 seconds an image. Some images are quite large 150mp.

Check Topaz preferences, I found it was defaulting to the CPU, unless you selected the GPU.

10 seconds would be a huge improvement for me. I’m currently experiencing about 1 to 2 minutes with the rx580 Thanks for the feedback.

That does sound very slow for a 8gb gpu. My old computer with only 2gb was about that fast.

I’m far from an expert when it comes to GPUs, but apparently there is much more involved than memory size. The clock speed of the GPUs processor, the speed of the memory, the amount of memory and more all come into play. The RX580 was first released in 2017 so it’s quite antiquated. The RTX 4060 has a fast core clock speed, but my concern with this card is that it has only a 128 bit memory interface which is quite narrow. So the GPU can have a lot of memory but if the road to access it is very narrow the resulting traffic is going to slow things down and you won’t get the full benefits of all all that memory. But the bottom line is you are experiencing a 10 second processing time with this card. That sounds good to me.

Just done sharpening on PAI, took 3 seconds on a 900mb file.

But it is really struggling using the remove tool.

Note I only have the 8gb 4060.

I don’t know much about GPUs, I looked at some benchmarks, there is one for photo editing somewhere, most are for gaming. For me the 4060 8gb seemed the best, I did not want to spend much more. £300 is enough.

My previous GPU was about 11 years old and only 2gb. Im surprised yours is not much faster.

Dont look too much at the memory interface.

The RX 580 has 256 GBs (256 bit, 8 Gigapit per second)
The RTX 4060 has 272 GBs (128 bit, 17 Gigabit per second)

Because of the Memory clock the interface don’t have to be as much as wide.

The RX 580 has a 2 MB L2 Cache
The RTX 4060 has a 24 MB L2 Cache

Caches a much faster than the bandwidth of the Vram (Terabytes per second instead of Gigabytes) but they are very small, so the RTX 4060 is a at the 1080P Gaming market aimed GPU.

The RX 580 has 6 Teraflops (fp16 & fp32)
The RTX 4060 has 15 Teraflops (fp16 & fp32)

So in Theory the RTX 4060 should be more than twice as much faster than the RX 580.

Does not explain why his 580 is so slow. My 4060 is about 40x faster. Although we don’t know the file size. I was getting 1-2 minutes just using the CPU.

It might be worth checking the settings in preferences.