GPU id is broken (has been for a long time) Can't figure out which GPU is which

  1. Can never see the correct number of GPUs, currently have double what it should be:

Please help identify which GPU is which GPU in Topaz (by putting the slot number perhaps). It’s so confusing when you print exactly the same name for multiple GPUs.

  1. 9900k with 64Gb RAM and 2x 2080Ti in Windows 11 Pro

  2. Also, since latest update, no longer can generate video/ Stuck in Downloading / Loading Model loops, and eventually fails. Unrelated to the above though as the GPU indentification has been there for over a year.

I’d like to see that drop-down replaced by a more detailed list with check boxes. With a workstation that can use four GPUs, it’ll be really confusing if I ever fill all the available slots.

In the Preferences Panel unselect the Auto Detect Proxy Settings option in the Application section. Then go and use the model manager to download the models that keep getting stuck in the loading option and try the clip again. If you run into issues again, open a support ticket and send the logs and your system profile for the team to review.

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