Got "Masking Updating" in the Main PAI UI

See my comments just rptd (3/9/23 @ 3:15p PST) re: updating issues after working in the PAI masking UI, then returning to the PAI main UI and working manually with both denoising and sharpening. Snip included there…

I tried a few times to reproduce this and was not able to with a few image types. Are you able to consistently get this issue?

Please update to v1.2.7 after it’s released tomorrow and let me know if you are still getting this behavior.

Yes. It repeated multiple times. I posted the snips. Including with different images in the prod rel thread.

We’ve had horrendous storms in CA. We’ve been without power for over 2 days. It may (key is ‘may’) be restored Thurs nite at 10p. Fingers crossed. I am in a hotel with a tablet right now b/c b/wn the dark and 58 degrees in the house we couldn’t stay there another nite.

I look forward to trying the new rel when our home power is restored. Thx for the note!!!

Any additional information on this issue? I haven’t seen other reports of it.