Gigapixel v6.2.2

I noticed that in version 6.2.0, the face enhancement algorithm restores only part of the face when the quality of the image is too low. Before the update, it was always restoring the whole of the faces regardless of quality.

Example images:

  1. good quality, whole face is restored correctly
  2. and 3. blurred ones, only some part of the face is restored

Tested both on iGPU (Intel HD Graphics 620) and dGPU (NVIDIA GeForce 940MX).

On a Windows 11 PC, since I installed GIgapixel 6.2.0 the photoshop automation plugin no longer works. Its there in the menu along with the Beta one but neither will actually launch Gigapixel from within Photoshop anymore. It just does nothing. Standalone works fine. I think it actually did launch once for me when I first installed it, but it no longer launches. I reinstalled the full download and that did not fix the issue. I rebooted the PC and that did not fix the issue.

hi when I use v6.2.0 Always this result from what problem and I back to v6.1.0 averting normal. Is this a bug or something?

I noticed an issue with “standard” already in the last version of GP and is still there. Would this be caused by using the Ventura public beta on my mac? The Standard option for GP is garbled both on screen and in output. Here’s a screenshot using your included demo photo of an owl. All the other models are working

Mine works in preview but when saves image as far as i can tell it is the unprocessed original with the added appropriate suffix

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Yes! I get that too in Ps 2022 GAI plugin using Win 11.

The GAI plugin image doesn’t process until I hit “OK” to manually close that pop up box.

I agree. It’s annoying (at the very least, frustrating).

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Yes this is Ventura causing the issue. We have already seen this patterns during our beta testing.

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I have the same …
Seems irrelevant of what format I try and save it in.
It resizes ok but the image is identical to the original with no processing (noise reduction etc) saved.
I have removed the programme and re-installed multiple times.
Back to 6.1 for me.

True, I tested your Images. Now, I go back to 6.10 .

When I use 1x up-scaling, the files are saved without processing (saving very fast, progress bar not moving). In preview works but when I save files, not works. In v6.1 it’s works well. I use Gigapixel AI for improve sharpness. Results are better than from Sharpen AI. Please fix it.


I updated to latest version and it basically stopped working at all. When I load a picture it goes to “processing” and just stays there…looks like it’s working but nothing happens. If I try to save the picture without preview, does the same thing…goes to save screen and just hangs on “processing”. I’ve had to go back to 6.1.0.


Same here. v6.2.0 stays stuck ‘processing’. Doesn’t matter if I select CPU or GPU (regardless of GPU ‘load’) - just endless ‘processing’. Rolled back to v6.1.0 – all good, as that version works.

Downloaded and installed on my Windows 10 PC - though the model downloading seemed to be very quick indeed. If I try to use it as a Ps plugin it fails:

Thanks to the developers for the great work!
The first thing I would like to note is a dramatic improvement in the output image at four times magnification!
In addition, the program began to work much faster!
I have not encountered any of the problems described by the users above.
Unfortunately, my Photoshop is very old and is not supported by Gigapixel,
so I cannot confirm or deny the words of users who have problems with the plugin.
Even if such a problem exists, I’m sure the developers will solve it.

My PC config:
Windows 10 Pro 64 bit 21H2 build 19044.1826 with the latest updates,
GPU nVidia RTX3080Ti and Studio driver v. 512.96 (Newer versions have some issues, for me)
Intel(R) Core™ i9-10920X CPU
64Gb RAM
EVGA Supernova G2 80Plus Titanium 1600w power supply
MS Visual C++ 2015-2022 - 14.32.31332.0 (It is important!)

I also want to add - I never update any program from Topaz and do not install it overwriting the old one.
I always first completely uninstall the old version of the program using Revo Uninstaller,
and only after this procedure I install a new version of any program from Topaz.

I am not sure is this is an intended behavior but, in my case, it only works if you upscale. For example, to me it doesn’t work if I downscale, or process on 1:1 ratio. But if I for example process at 1.01 scale, it works.

The preview quality is very low. The edges are jagged and there is an obvious stepping. Nothing compared with the output image and it is kinda hard to judge if the quality of the upscale is gonna be satisfactory.

Same here, it only downloaded some 9 megabytes of data.

I go back to 6.1.0 too not because of the flaw in face enhancement but the overall degrade in picture quality and the slow down in processing speed. To me 6.2.0 is a failure while comparing to 6.1.0.

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This is expected. The color correction updates use a very lightweight new model in addition to what you have selected. Since none of the main models are being entirely replaced, the download size is much smaller than usual.

I’ve done some tests in v6.2.0 and compared them at 100% in Photoshop to v6.1.0

The comparisons were for upscaling pixel artwork and illustrations (not photography) using Standard or Low Resolution.

I’ve found the results to be much softer in sharpness across the whole image and especially edges, less detail and less colour accuracy with more colour issues.

I’m hoping the update improves photography, but has made my upscales much worse.

I’d like to revert back to v6.1.0, but don’t know how. The old version seems to have been removed from the Topaz Labs website…

Can someone please advise how you revert back.

Thanks in advance.