Gigapixel v6.2.2

v6.2.2: Windows, Mac

Released October 25, 2022


  • Fixed Crop button not working on mac
  • Fixed rainbow artifacts with non-Standard Model
  • Improved speed on Nvidia GPUs
  • Support for Intel Arc and RTX 40 series GPUs
  • Fixed some cases of wrong GPU being used
  • Fixed several causes of crashing during batch processing
  • Artifacts should no longer occur on macOS Ventura

v6.2.0: Windows, Mac

Released August 2, 2022

Major Changes

  • Added auto model selection, which uses image content to compute a recommended model. This can streamline batch processing and offer a starting point for further tuning.
  • Improved the quality of all models by better preserving colors and removing color related block-shaped artifacts.


  • Enabled automatic fallback to face refinement (introduced in v5.9) on machines that do not support face recovery (introduced in v6.1)
  • Fixed face recovery using CPU too often on systems with mid-range GPUs
  • Greatly improved face recovery memory usage and performance
  • Fixed many causes of Photoshop plugin not being found, returning errors, or not opening the app
  • Fixed transparency handling in Photoshop plugin
  • Fixed processing errors on certain images when using face recovery
  • Fixed square artifacts in output on Mac
  • Fixed various errors during batch processing
  • Added more specific information to error messages
  • Fixed PPI being ignored when opening images from external editor
  • Renamed Reduce Color Bleed to Gamma Correction, to better describe its function

Known Issues

  • Crop button may not work on Mac. Unselecting and reselecting the current image in the file list can fix this issue.

Thanks Alexander! I was working on something and fired up GPAI and there was the update :wink:

Quick comparison among GFP-GAN, GPAI and PAI. I suspect you are using this same technology but its implementation is different from the source. But both Topaz apps are the same as each other in this regard (please view at 100%):


Is GFP-GAN the Github s/w you found & use?

I am a bit geeky but not THAT geeky… :wink:

I used the website.

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Hi Alexander,

Installed to Win 11 Pro desktop PC. Radeon RX6800 XT (which is what I set Prefs to run - any reason to prefer CPU?). Intel i9 12th gen. Ps 2022. Downloaded all models up front.

Launched okay in both the Standalone & via File > Automate as Plugin to Ps 2022. Snip from Plugin (with Face Recovery = On) in Comparison View.

I need to figure out how to remove beta from File > Automate menu. I’d uninstalled from PC in the past couple weeks. Just chkd again and beta isn’t in my Programs list in my Control Panel. But still shows in the Automate menu in Ps.

ORIG Image:

When I save back to Ps from the Plugin I get a residual msg that must be manually closed (happens consistently):

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Go to the following folder:
C:\Program Files\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Gigapixel AI\PS_Plugins_x64
Find the following file:
and disable it. I have just renamed it to GigapixelAIBetaAutomation.8li.XXX - this is easily reversible if for some reason you ever need it.

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@alexander.zhang i go back to 6.1.0 - With all Models exept Standard I got a tonal value break in a sky.

It gets worse with gamma correction but without it is already there.




I’ll chk that out after a Behance webinar. Thx!

UPDATE: It worked! I’m no longer seeing GAI beta in the File > Automate list. I did what you did wrt adding the XXX’s in case I have to re-animate it (that sounds awfully Frankensteinian, doesn’t it???) at some point in the future. Thx again, much appreciated.

Hi Anthony - I figured I’d see what the Ps Plugin would do after letting my PC sleep overnite.

I’m still getting the same msg box (that appears in my Ps 2022 UI) from Topaz GAI plugin after I’ve hit “Apply” in the plugin to accept the GAI settings and return to my Ps host. See labelled snip below.

The GAI fx do not take effect until I manually close the pictured box by hitting “OK”.
Once I do that I see the size increase.

Prior releases didn’t do that. Is it possible for code to be tweaked so GAI just applies itself automatically once an “Apply” is made in the plugin so we don’t have to hit OK back in Ps (or any other host)? Thx!

** Also - another product ops request (Standalone & Plugin): I may be missing it, but is there a “master switch” to turn off Face Recovery? I always start in Comparison View to decide which ‘poison’ (aka, model) I want to work with. But it’s a hassle to have to turn off (or, on) each model’s Face Recovery switch - depending on what’s in the image & where I want a viewer’s attn to be. B/c I use Auto-Update, it means re-processing each of the models several times when I make a change like that. If there could be a main circuit breaker that could turn Face Recovery on/off for all models at once (but leave the ability to indiv. change models too) that would be a great benefit (at least to me!).

Thx for all the great work! I’m able to salvage and do new creative things to so many more images with this (& the suite) product.

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Yippee best day of the month apart from payday ,looking forward to doing a lot of testing.


I just installed GP 6.2.0 and am testing on MacBook M1 Pro Max 32GB memory. Cropping does not work.

I tried the Crop fix, but that did not work. I assume “Unselecting and reselecting the current image in the file list…” means:

  1. Cancel the Gigapixel edit
  2. Select and reopen the file from the file list in Lightroom
  3. Restart and complete the Crop process

That did not work. Another workaround?



p.s. I’m assuming that cropping inside of GP will reduce the file size. While cropping in Lightroom will make the file look smaller, but the file size remains the same. (That worked for me and those were the results.). Is this correct?

Thanks for this awesome app.
I’ve realized that after processing images, the app seems to add lots and lots of metadata to the files. Images can be inflated in size A LOT by this metadata added (talking about 4X increase sometimes). Removing metadata after processing files makes the image go to a more reasonable size.
What is this data added?

(PS: I use a python script to remove metadata on images)

By unselecting and reselecting the current image, I meant unchecking and rechecking the checkbox at the bottom left corner of the screen within Gigapixel. You shouldn’t need to close and reopen the app.

I downloaded today and it seemed to install normally, but when I load a any picture to work on it goes into “Not Responding” mode.

Does anyone else have this issue?


Many thanks. That worked perfectly and with minimal effort!



can someone please explain to me what “Reduce Color Bleed”… ahhh… “Gamma Correction” really is/does?

I still don’t understand it. When do i need it? How can i spot the difference? Do i better leave it default on or of if i patch process a lot of pics?

Thanx in A.

After installing the new 6.2.0 update, GAI no longer updates the image when I make changes to the model’s parameters or when I switch the model. I have to pan around the image in order for GAI to update it. I have “Auto-update preview” turned on in the settings. Does anyone else have this problem?

EDIT: Hm… after rebooting Windows, the problem seems to have went away. Curious.

The Photoshop plugin is now popping up an annoying dialog box that stays open after Gigapixel has closed.


Face Recovery is no longer working on my system since 6.2.0 / The output image is exactly the same, no matter if Face Recovery is turned on or off and no matter if using CPU or GPU-Mode.

GPU: RTX 3080 Ti
CPU: Xeon E5-2680