Gigapixel v6.0.0

v6.0.0: Windows, Mac
Released April 5, 2022

Special Update Instructions

  • This version of Gigapixel AI requires MacOS 10.14 or Windows 10 (or higher). It is not supported on MacOS 10.13 or Windows 7/8.
  • If you use Gigapixel AI as a plugin to Photoshop or Lightroom Classic on Mac, once you install this update, please do the following:
  1. Quit Photoshop and/or Lightroom Classic completely
  2. Gigapixel AI should open by itself after installing the update. Your plugin configurations should now be reset. Follow any prompts displayed relating to installing plugins.

Major Changes

  • Native Apple M1 support
  • Drag and drop DMG installer for mac
  • Updated visual theme
  • Batch model downloading option


  • Reduced Very compressed model pixel shift
  • Reduced GPU memory usage when face refinement enabled
  • Reduced installer size
  • Allowed expanding file list to show >3 files
  • Cleaner edges on transparent images


  • Fixed preserve source format using TIFF for some JPEGs
  • Fixed black lines in output at certain sizes
  • Fixed crashes on some hardware combinations
  • Fixed incorrect backend selection on Windows 11
  • Fixed face refinement not working on machines with old GPUs
  • Fixed process failing silently if face detection model not present
  • Improved wording of various dialogs and tooltips
  • Fixed long file names overlapping other text
  • Fixed time measurement displayed in file list
  • Fixed batch processing handling images out of order
  • Fixed custom crop tool aspect ratio ignored
  • Fixed “Save As” file suffixes not matching batch mode
  • Fixed certain JPEGs showing 0x0 dimensions
  • Stopped model downloads cancelling each other
  • Require model downloads (fixes many hardware compatibility issues)
  • Fixed photoshop plugin crashing on mac
  • Fixed auto parameter calculation in plugin mode
  • Fixed some cases of exiting without output when used as plugin
  • Prompt for plugin installation when photoshop detected

Known Issues

  • Crash reporter shows up after closing app
  • White flashes when resizing window

Whoever is in charge of download speeds in Brazil is doing a VERY BAD JOB.


(Ignore the high edit count, this is my original post and I’ve moved the extra stuff into a second post.)

I love the new batch download for models, allowing me to get them all the first time I run it up. Much appreciated!

Oh and thanks for this new version, I’m keeping my fingers crossed it’s great! Plus probably a good idea that you skipped 5.9 if iffy versions are around on the Internet, even if 6 seems to offer more to Mac users I’m fine with it making the big jump (vs. 5.10).

Also while I’m asking how does the support period work, can you still get bug-fix updates to the version you are using (I guess x.x.*) after support runs out or do you have to go back to the last stable version?

The reason for asking is I don’t really think I’ve gotten a version that improves on 5.4.5 during my whole, soon to expire, year of support, as nothing came out that worked better, so I didn’t get a new version at all and wonder if another year is a good idea until people say it’s got a lot better (rather strangely, yet usefully, I was told that if I turned off all the new features in 5.8.0 it would work the same as 5.4.5, which didn’t quite meet my criteria for an updated version).

P.S. Any chance on Windows it could appear as a context menu send-to option?

Alas I see it’s still broken for my designer stubble example from v5.8.0 (see Gigapixel v5.8.0 - #77 by jmlphotography) and I assume I should just leave Face Refinement off by default?
(Life is too short, for most images anyway, to go beyond trying 5 model types to 20 options with Face and Blur each on and off. Let alone manual control.)
I plan to stick with v6 for now, rather than 5.4.5.

Also why when doing the preview is it much slower than when doing the final image (4x or worse for a small part of the image vs. the whole one). I have it set to use my RTX2060, but is the preview done by the CPU?
Graphics Info says “preview limit 6603 pixels” regardless of “allowed memory consumption” being Med or High, if that is helpful - what does it mean? Oh and 32GB DRAM, 6GB VRAM; Win10Pro 21H2; Nvidia Studio graphic driver 511.65; 4k display.

Time to update this now that you’ve migrated to the drag-and-drop method of installing. Gigapixel AI won’t open by itself, so just tell Mac users to run it after copying it to their Applications folder.

Edit: and congrats to the Topaz team for moving the whole suite to drag-and-drop install. It’s incredibly easy to update now, and has saved this Mac user from permissions hell that I would get with the installer.

I am primarily a Mac user, but also use Windows, and that would be a nice improvement. Often I have windows covering the drop area of Gigapixel (or any Topaz app)—as a Mac user I have the Dock but in Windows, the context menu makes a lot of sense.

Gigapixel AI disappeared from Photoshop after installing Gigapixel AI v6.0

Did you do as outlined in the first post in this thread, the instructions are there.

For an application to appear on the context menu just right click on an image, select open with, then search for the application you want to open it with from the other option and click on the executable.

After that first time it will appear with it’s own entry in the open with option.

Unfortunately, 6.0, while a nice performance improvement on my M1, continues the very bad habit of overwriting RAW files. When enlarging non-RAW files, GAI follows the settings inbox preferences for file renaming quite well. But when applied to RAW files, GAI overwrites the original. Perhaps there is some technical reason for this, but it seems to me very undesirable behavior.

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Is the full download installer really less then a gig in size. The other versions seems to be well over 2 gig if not close to 4 gigs?

It does ask to download about1.4GB of models as soon as you’ve run it up… (else will download as you go).

Thank you. That makes more sense.

For couriosity the full model download on my AMD laptop was over 1 GB where on my Intel PC it was maybe 580 mbyte only!

I am not getting that and I am on an M1 Mac Mini.
Are you sure you have your Save Options set correctly in Preferences?

Just downloaded newest version for Mac. Crashed upon opening, and is unable to reload. Can I have my old one back?

I believe it will overwrite DNG files as that is an output format. If it is a RAW file test it by making a copy and send both files to support after raising a support request. You may need to upload to a file sharing site first if they are large files and send the link.

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Thanks, but I know how to set the file preferences. As I said in my comment, it works fine with non-RAW. It’s the RAW that’s the problem. And this is not a new issue. It is a known problem.

Right. And from my point of view, that is not optimal. For now, I make physical dupes of all RAW files that I want to process through Gigapixel. Thanks for your support suggestion. I will follow up on that.