Gigapixel v5.8.0

v.5.8.0: Windows, Mac
Released February 2, 2022.

Major Changes

  • New face detection and refinement models
  • Reduced export memory usage on large images
  • Improved detail on almost all models with Windows GPU
  • Improved image import/export time, especially on JPEGs and at non-integer scale factors


  • Faster auto parameter detection models
  • Added install photoshop plugin menu option
  • Stopped exiting app when exiting tutorials
  • Added tooltip to explain why processing disabled when too zoomed out
  • Added hold spacebar for original view function to all preview modes
  • Improved preview status label and update preview button synchronization
  • Added proper pinch to zoom and scroll to zoom


  • Fixed width/height not propagating to other images in batch
  • Fixed external editor integration opening in standalone on macOS
  • Fixed faces being offset in preview
  • Fixed incorrect colors on importing certain images
  • Fixed certain color profiles causing crash on import
  • Fixed some color shift issues on export to TIFF/DNG/PNG
  • Fixed external file changes not reflected after closing and reopening image
  • Fixed download automatically restarting after cancel
  • Fixed online installer not linking plugins
  • Fixed uninstaller leaving behind model and log files
  • Fixed photoshop plugin not showing up in menu
  • Fixed using 1x model when scale factor over 6x
  • Fixed preserve format exporting TIFF for RAW
  • Fixed preview aliasing when zooming out too far
  • Removed preview status labels in crop mode
  • Fixed comparison views not selectable in plugin mode
  • Fixed comparison view duplication when controls modified while processing
  • Fixed File dropdown open by default in external editor on Windows
  • Changed “Save As” to “Apply” in external editor file menu
  • Disabled invalid functionality in external editor mode

Known Issues

  • Model downloads cannot be cancelled once in progress
  • Black lines visible in output at certain sizes
  • Rectangular artifacts in very dark areas when reduce color bleed disabled
  • Color shift in saturated areas when reduce color bleed disabled
  • Pixel shift and color shift when using very compressed model
  • Saved TIFFs of very large images cannot be opened in some viewers
  • Saving fails when output filename is too long for filesystem
  • Modifying controls when batch processing can cause strange behavior
  • Slower performance on CPU when optimized models not downloaded
  • Slow performance when loading RAW files

Thank you - but I cannot upgrade to this version. I am getting an info that my “license does not include this update”
How come?! I’ve paid big bucks 15 months ago…


Yeah, about that… they had no grandfathering for those of us who purchased the product when lifetime updates were still advertised, so now we have to re-buy it every year to get the newest updates. Although, 15 months ago… that may have been after the change, so you wouldn’t be included anyway.

Anyway, why is there still not a dehaloing feature in Gigapixel after all this time? Are we seriously going to pretend that halos aren’t an issue in photos and it’s okay to enhance unwanted artifacts instead of getting rid of them?


Hm I am very sure that it read “lifetime license” and I still can use the product - I was under the impression this his would include all future updates. What’s the point of a lifetime license anyway if updates are not included. Also, speaking as a customer from the European Union, software producers are bound by law to provide updates for at least two years - not in terms of features but for bug fixes since they have to provide an error free product.

This is highly dissapointing.

Will Topaz provide fixes for the bugs mentioned above for my current version? If not, this is not acceptable behavior for products sold to EU customers. :frowning:


Nope. It used to include all future updates, but now it’s only 12 months of updates then you have to “renew”.

Please! Fix the “Save Image” button disappearing. This is two versions in a row that this problem exists.

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I am not sure what you are talking about. It’s on the bottom right of the window…

Pity it’s still not M1 ready. The first time it opened on my Mac Mini, it was quite slow. Subsequently pretty fast. The first time the face model appeared the counter stuck at zero and it quit. After a few seconds, it then reappeared, and downloaded the two models.

You can pay for a one year upgrade license that is well worth it. The program performance is continually being improved so even though some bugs get fixed the upgrades are not for just bugs.

The lifetime license was removed because Topaz could not continue development with new sales only. Like all software companies they need repeating income to make better products.

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Right…I didn’t say it wasn’t there, I said it disappears. Save that image you have there and the button disappears making it unnecessarily tedious to say, export that image again with a different model.

I guess this is valid for Video Enhance AI too. This Program is still kind of beta so I am more than pissed that I have to pay even the software does still not work properly in 2022. :frowning:


PLEASE support transparency in PNG images. Right now, I spend more time working around the unscaled alpha channels than actually using Gigapixel. Either I have to clean up the edges myself, or I have to add a green screen background to all of my images and make my own alpha channel while dealing with color bleed from Gigapixel.

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Yes, when you save the image the button disappears but just click on the results bar of the image and it comes back. I think the Save Image button goes away to show it is already processed.

After processing, if you tap in the box for the image it returns you to the editing window where you can change the model:

I think it originally was meant that way back then and I was pretty sure it was advertised (maybe accidently) with free lifetime updates when I bought it. The confusion started when Topaz begun to decline the original contract made with the people who bought the product and backwards reverse introduced different conditions to them for the future. Nethertheless Topaz produces very good products and offering a great customer support which is not an excuse per se but we are beating a dead horse when we talk about what happend to the free lifetime purchases today again I am afraid. :neutral_face:


Is the macintosh going to get an update so that the GPU rendered image is a good a the CPU created image like Windows just did or does the Mac already have that capability?

Yes I know how to get the “Save Image” button back. My point is that IT IS pointless to make it disappear in the first place. I know when the export is complete because I just clicked the button a few moments earlier. Save for someone with the memory of a house fly, I don’t need the single most useful button in the entire program to disappear to “remind” me that its done. Certainly the mere fact that it is no longer actively up-scaling with the progress bar on screen should be enough. Imagine if Photoshop or Gimp made the “export image” option disappear after exporting an image; surely there is a less obstructive way of going about things. Anyway I won’t further the point as it most likely won’t get changed.

CPU vs GPU image quality should already be the same on Mac.

I recommend getting on the Black Friday renewal cycle to save some money each year.