Gigapixel v5.7.3

v.5.7.3: Windows, Mac
Released December 1, 2021.


  • Fixed photoshop automate plugin not appearing

v.5.7.2: Windows, Mac
Released November 22, 2021.


  • Fixed lightroom integration not launching app
  • Removed erroneous model download error messages

v5.7.1: Windows, Mac
Released November 17, 2021.


  • Added M1 compatibility to photoshop plugin
  • Allowed non-integer custom crop aspect ratios


  • Fixed repeated model download loop
  • Fixed batch process skipping files
  • Fixed CPU performance loss on certain machines
  • Fixed crop box edge handle behavior when aspect ratio locked
  • Removed crop box reset on window resize
  • Restored open after installation option
  • Tutorials no longer modify preferences

v5.7.0: Windows, Mac
Released November 10, 2021.

Major features

  • New standard model delivers more detail on the same images
  • New auto settings model specifically for the new standard model
  • Updated preview panel and crop tool


  • Removed large image zoom out cap, but disabled processing at low zooms
  • More natural mouse wheel zoom behavior
  • Keep crop aspect ratio by holding shift
  • Allow flipping freeform crop dimensions
  • Compare up to 4 models in comparison view
  • Add ISO A4 aspect ratio for crops
  • Batch processing only processes selected files


  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts on certain number fields
  • Added missing view shortcuts on macos
  • Fixed various layout bugs on window resize
  • Fixed preview not showing in certain situations
  • Fixed comparison views not updating on scale change
  • Fixed zoom slider changing layout in split view
  • Disabled mouse wheel zoom in crop mode

External editing on MacOS appears to be broken in the same way as Denoise. The fix for Denoise is coming up on 6 weeks from the latest version release date?


When can I see the image examples of the new AI model in comparison with the current model? I can’t renew if i don’t know what im buying.
Also im still bitter that i paid originally for a perpetual license, then a yearly license and we got hardly any updates all year and now this claimed update right on renewal date.


Is there a limit on the number of threads to download files from Topaz’s servers now? If so what is the maximum number threads allowed? My IDM always stops downloading and can’t connect to your server.

I can’t post pictures yet, but I see a little more detail and better handling of the colour noise in the 5.7.0 standard model. The image I used isn’t an image that brings out the best in Gigapixel, I’d probably put it go through Denoise AI first or play with the options, e.g. Low Res gets rid of the color noise pretty decently, but that is why I chose it as a test image.

Does it still use OpenVino?

Any option to disable it in this new version?

Using a different tool for adjustment is a good idea, but does not fundamentally change the source image provided by Gigapixel. Also I found that the Gigapixel reconstructed enlarged image then processed through other Topaz AI software produced some strange illogical details.:crazy_face:


Hi Alex, nice to meet you. :wink:

Wow :pleading_face:

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Can you provide a download of the new standard model? The online download interrupts the workflow and is really slow and anxious.

If worried about server and network overhead, you can add the P2P download module in the next version, which can effectively solve almost all download problems.

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I ran a small photo (547 x 602 px)of a child with V5.6.1 @ 3X and found that the Lines model produced the best results, sharper than the standard model. I then updated to 5.7.0 and again the Lines model was far better. I didn’t notice much difference in the standard model.

For me, the Lines mode in version 5.6.1 worked great, sometimes replacing the standard mode.
But yesterday there were three events that changed something a lot in the system,
and now the results of versions 5.6.1 and 5.7.0 depress me.

  1. Windows has been updated to version 21H1.
  2. The Net Framework has been updated.
  3. nVidia Studio driver has been updated to version 472.47.

Now the human skin in the images in standard mode looks too blurry,
at the same time the background and vegetation in some places, but not everywhere, look too sharp and contrasting, as well as the pattern and details of clothing.
The problem of square or diamond-shaped pupils and oval iris of the eyes has returned again.
The hair looked like last year’s wet straw.
Small images (640x480) become simply disfigured.
I don’t understand what happened.

I rolled back to version 5.6.1, but it didn’t help, the problems remained.
I’ll try to go back to the previous studio driver. .

Application & Version: Topaz Gigapixel AI Version 5.6.1
Operating System: Windows 10 Version 2009
Graphics Hardware: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti/PCIe/SSE2
OpenGL Driver: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 472.47
CPU RAM: 65227 MB
Video RAM: 12288 MB
Preview Limit: 8000 Pixels

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These aren’t fixing anything.
can’t overwrite from adobe bridge.
can’t auto quit from adobe bridge.

Additionally, when processing many images, there are some files that will not be processed.

I noticed that preview not always refreshes itself.

There are weird artifacts (CPU and GPU mode) wit this picture and Low Resolution model:

Original for testing:


Art&CG model also exhibits artifacting:

This artifacting becomes worse along increasing value of Remove Blur option.

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Second example of artifacts, this time with Very Compressed model:



Previous GAI (back in Frebruary 2021):

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I’m still to find where ‘Very compressed’ model could be useful, it always gives awful and unrealistic results no matter the source image is a high compressed jpeg.
My upgrade plan expired in october and still don’t know if it’s still worth jumping now on v5.7 like @sono2000 said previously.
For me Gigapixel AI has been in regression since v4.4.5 where I still get the best results.


Standard mode is blurrier than latest updates. Looks like the downloaded model version instead the old “not downloaded” model. Way better the not downloaded model from 5.6 and older versions.


Still experiencing this.

  • Mac OS X 11.6.1
  • 32 GB RAM
  • Clean install of Gigapixel v5.7.0

Image format: Original
File naming: Custom
Destination directory: Custom
(destination is a sub-folder of the folder with the files)

Gigapixel processes the first 2-3 files, skips roughly 6-8 files, processes the remainder. I have to manually restart the skipped files.

I tested version 5.7.0. I compared a 4032 x 3024 resolution image by upscaling by 2. I did the test with 5.6.1 and 5.7.0 with the same settings in automatic mode for the standard mode. The 5.6.1 version gives better results. In 5.7.0, it sharpens the possible compression artifacts. In 5.6.1 it smoothes them. But anyway, I almost never use the automatic setting. If I put a little more noise reduction, the result is as good as in 5.6.1.