Gigapixel v5.6.1

v5.6.1: Windows | Mac
Released August 27, 2021.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a memory leak with Mac when CPU was selected as AI Processor
  • Fixed device “Auto” selection on certain devices
  • Fixed a memory leak on Mac when switching models in the application

v5.6.0: Windows | Mac
Released August 25, 2021.

Major Features

  • Comparison View - compare up to three models at once
  • Overhauled model downloading - if an optimized model file needs to be downloaded, a progress bar is now shown and the download can be cancelled
  • Application can now auto-detect what hardware to use for processing on your device. You can enable this by going to File -> Preferences, and selecting “Auto” under “AI Processor”
  • Updated image I/O changes - pulled in from Sharpen & DeNoise
  • Updated previewing experience - pulled in from Sharpen & DeNoise


  • Split View (from DeNoise and Sharpen) has been added
  • Preferences dialog now has collapsible headers


  • Image no longer gets re-opened up everytime a setting is changed
  • When auto-update preview is on, the preview will display again correctly when quickly clicking in the preview window when Single Image View is active

Does this update resolve the sharpness issues reported by many users who installed the last few 5.5.X updates? I’m still using 5.4.5 because of those complaints.


What differences ? to 5.6 beta ? change log is the same.

I understand that someone will disagree with me, especially since everyone has their own priorities and tasks, and there will always be a user who is not completely satisfied.
But for my tasks, the release of version 5.6.0 is a big step forward.
I was especially pleased with the “Lines” mode.

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Hi Taylor,

I really like the addition of the Comparison View to GAI with this release. I’ve found a slight 'quirk’ in that view, though.

I like the ability to see an easy-to-read, boxed summary of my settings in each of the 3 previews when I hover my cursor over the “?”. It’s convenient!


I have a consistent ‘issue’ that whatever Mode/Model is in the upper right quadrant (in Comparison View) I cannot get the Settings Summary for whatever model is in that quadrant to pop up when my cursor is hovered over the ?. It may have once. But not again.

I typically keep that upper right quadrant on “Standard” mode. But, I tried swapping in others (to see if it was Std related) and had the same experience of no popup settings summary in just that one quadrant. Perhaps that could be checked or figure out if it’s a Win dynamic…

Win 10 Pro PC. Tried immediately after install & launch as Standalone. Have not restarted PC. Have not yet tried Ps plugin. BTW, the program Pref opened with Processor choice set to Auto & GAI launched fine.

Does this work with the 5-5 models, or is there a way to download the 5-6 models at one go, like with 5-5?

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I’ve just updated to v5.6.0 and my Gigapixel AI stopped working.

When I load an image I get a pop-up that says “Processing Error. Error loading model, please try again. If problem persists try updating your device drivers or switching to a different AI processor in preferences.”

I tried both CPU and GPU, I also enabled model downloads. Then I tried installing the program in “\AppData\Local\Topaz Labs LLC” instead of the default install location “C:\ProgramData\Topaz Labs LLC”. Unfortunately, none of these things worked.

Please see screenshot attached.

My system specs:
AMD Threadripper 3970x 32-core, 64 GB DDR4 RAM, Nvidia RTX 3090 24GB + driver version 471.11, Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, version 21H1

I always have issues like this after upgrading to new versions of Gigapixel AI. Why is that? It’s a really frustrating experience.

The comparison view is buggy. Sometimes when the update happens one of the views disappears. Sometimes if I click on it or move it around it will reappear. Also, sometimes one or two of the views won’t update, but the other one(s) will. Changing one of the views to a different model sometimes doesn’t work properly. It seems to work in Denoise AI and Sharpen AI though. Running on Win10.

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Keeps running out of RAM on Mac OS X (I never ran out RAM before). Looks like it doesn’t empty RAM when closing an image.
My iMac has frozen twice now and I had to force shut down.

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The latest two drivers from Nvidia a known to have issues with Topaz Software (on my system not only with topaz).

I am in contact with Nvidia level 2 support, they are looking at what the problem is, but it will take some time.

How much Ram do you have?


I have 40 GB RAM and AMD Radeon Pro Vega 48 with 8 GB RAM

Do you have a realtime monitoring software so that you can see if Gigapixel has a Memoryleak and does fill up your ram?

At the first Batch it did crash.

Second does work.

2021-08-26-14-46-14-QML.txt (189.3 KB) 2021-08-26-14-46-14-Main.txt (903.0 KB)

No, Sorry I’m not that technical.

New observations: I was in Comparison View. When I switched to Side-by-side View memory stopped building up, but then build up again when switching between AI models, but less than when in Comparison View.

Also, when in Comparison View: Right after processing an image with Standard AI Model GigaPixel switches to Lines AI Model in the preview.

i think that info will help @taylor.bishop

On this released version hovering over the ? to see the settings in the comparison mode always shows reduce color bleed and face refinement off even when they are on. It was the same in several modes (Lines, Very compressed, etc). The first pane on the left does not show the word “original”.

No problem running on Windows 10 with AMD GPU. When changing to a new mode in the comparison view it would be good to have panes 3 and 4 change to different modes. For example choosing “low resolution” changes the number 2 pane to that mode but panes 3 or 4 may already be showing low resolution and don’t update to anything else.

For my very first impression it did not change the sharpness and most modes seem a bit too conservative in terms of recover details. The mode which recovers the most is the “very compressed” mode which at the same time feels too agressive to me.

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I got quirks on the hover over too!

I mostly got summaries showing “Auto” for the settings summary when I made manual settings on numbers.