Gigapixel v5.2.3

But GPU Mode has a lot better quality, than VINO/CPU mode. And VINO/CPU Mode has lower stability than GPU Mode.

In my case (upscaling cartoons) it’s not true. Too many artifacts (same small patch repeated all over the canvas) that ruin the upscale.

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I am trying to run Gigapixel 5.2.3 either the exe or through photoshop. I just reinstalled Windows 10, ran all updates, and run the latest installer clean on Windows

The app closes immediately without any error message either through invoking through Photoshop under the file menu, automate, or the executable itself.

Any ideas? I paid good money for this and your other products, and I’d like to be able to use them again.


BTW this is a user to user forum.

Make sure your GPU drivers are up to date from the manufacturers website as, typically, Windows update doesn’t have the latest drivers.

Also make sure the High-performance GPU is allocated to GigaPixel in the Graphics Settings of the Windows Settings if you have more than one GPU.

Then try and run again. If it exits immediately then there may be a entry in the Windows Event Manager.

Hi Rob,

Can you try uninstalling and trying the previous Gigapixel version? v5.2.2. This’ll help me identify what the issue is. Let me know if that version works. If it does, then next Wednesday’s release should most likely fix your issue (if it doesn’t, we can continue troubleshooting).


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Obviously, it’s not only a user to user forum when the developers answer user questions directly. Do moderators have other moderators above them to edit or delete inaccurate posts?

It is and sometimes developers are here but usually you will get a quicker response from support.

And you are who to make comments like this?

Just messing with you, have a good night.

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Is anyone else not able to zoom out far enough to use the crop? I reinstalled it twice and no luck. I am running the latest Nvidia driver and this is baffling me. This version also seems slower in GPU mode.

Is anyone else not able to zoom out far enough to use the crop?

This is a known issue and will be fixed in this week’s release.

Actually, the bug is still there, just reduced a great deal. It’s a damn shame as the compressed model is absolutely fantastic, but that bug destroys the image.

I could not activate CPU / OpenVINO until i hit the calibrate button. Then the app recognitzed my I9-10900 and OpenVino was available. I often switch between GigaPixel and VEAI and sometimes i use them parallel… so i run one app on the CPU and one on the GPU.

I am already on 5.2.3. Why is it telling me to renew? I have a screenshot but this forum won’t let me upload it.

I am trying a link


This should be fixed now.

Thank you so much! Any news on when the GPU rendering will not have the weirdness?

At least for now, it seems that GPU results are worse than CPU results, with lots of streaks and over-sharpened borders and unnatural details. If Intel VINO is enabled, the results are similar to GPU, but VINO mode and GPU mode give faster computing speed.
(Windows 10 Workstation / Intel Xeon 24C*2 / 128G RAM / Quadro P5000)

Hi all, a new version has been released. You can find the thread here.

New “Art” mode is nice. It was useful to see how much time it took.