Gigapixel v5.1.7

Also try updating your GPU drivers to the latest version from the NVIDIA website … it will be 456.xx

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feature request : output image file name should include image processing settings data.

when exporting images in gigapixel, gigapixel should write processing setting values (suppress noise xx and remove blur xx) and gigapixel version in the file name or in the properties of the exported image.


source file name : picture.png
output file name : picture - gigapixel v5.1.7 - scale - 4_00x (sn 20 rb 60).png

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Please open Gigapixel and go to Help-> Graphics info, press Copy and paste the info here.

Then go to preferences (File-> Preferences) and either take a screenshot or let me know what the settings are if you cannot upload a image. They will be something like this:


Denoise 0 is to strong.

Here a screenshot from v5.1.6. I used denoise 0 and remove blur 0. The floor ground is a rubber material with color flakes. At the upscaled version the details at the ground are lost. It would be nice if 0 means 0 and the original noise is kept.

Firstly update to 5.1.7 and check again as their was an update to OpenVINO and if the issue is still there please raise a support request at the main website as I tried to replicate what you are seeing and i couldn’t get it to happen even on really noisy images.

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I didn’t update yet since I get a strange message if I try it. What doe’s it mean?


Where are you downloading the update from? You can download 5.1.7 from the first post in this thread.

Click on File, Preferences to control those options.

It doesn’t include noise and blur settings in the output file name.


If I started Gigapixel than I got a note that an update is available. I pressed a button to start the update and got this message. Meanwhile I downloaded a full installation file and this installation was working.

I checked the removed detail issue from above and it works. :slight_smile:

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Well, I delete everything and come backed to 5.1.6. :roll_eyes: Please wait, I will install 5.1.7 again for the answer

Thanks, I’m doing that update now. I see the NVIDA update is new from Oct7th. Also I’m reading how an Win10 update from the other day is as well causing havoc across other software forums. I’m glad I got this back to working, as Sharpen and Gigapixel are critical for my wife’s art files.

Note the Win 10 update doesn’t affect everyone that installed it and seems to be restricted to failed installs of the update and some have reported printing problems after the install.

Hi all,

A new version of Gigapixel is available. You can view the release thread here.

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