Gigapixel v5.1.6

My Preferences on 5.1.6 do not allow any modification of the original filename - even though I have set GPxl- as the preferred prefix!

Danger: it’s going to overwrite an original file sometime soon :frowning:

Your right Jack, this will happen if you use in Plugin mode, e.g. when called from an application or using Open with from Explorer/Finder it will overwrite the image passed to it. DNG, TIF, JPG or PNG … this is the way all Topaz apps work in plugin mode.

Only standalone mode allows you to Save as …

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OK, thought it was a problem … still, it is too easy to overwrite an original anyway :wink:

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Latest version seems to be having trouble with the Tutorial. Images are missing and Tutorial is non-functional. Image processing seems to be fine.

Cannot up load an image with this post?!

Hi j,

Can you upload a screenshot here?

Installed the new Nvidia 456.38 drivers today with no issues so far.

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Are you sure its not on 2X also?

Yes 2x works ok on GPU acceleration. Only 4x, 6x and custom has red stripes on some jpg.


I wasn’t aware that switching OFF GPU/OpenVino on V5.1.5 was much faster :open_mouth: and produced much more better results. And just now v5.1.6 already breaks this speed ? :disappointed:

It was faster, but it wasn’t stable enough to rely on. For me, the update to 5.1.6 provided a 35% increase in GPU speed that is even better than what the 5.1.5 GPU/OpenVino OFF performance was.

GPU is Fastest.

RTX 2080Ti G:2100MHz/M:8200Mhz ±1-6s

OpenVINO 9700KF 5033Mhz +DDR4 3733 CL14 ±8-14s

9700KF 5033Mhz + DDR4 3733 CL14 CPU ±9-15s

In my config (very high OC) all GigaPixel programs has works stable. Maybe you haven’t stable oc ? or too high temp ?

It was stable on my system as well. There were many reports of problems by others that led the developers to realize that there was an issue with the leading edge base code they had adopted for that revision, so they rolled back to an earlier one that was fully stable.


On iMac: Original files are overwritten, filename suffix isn’t added and Gigapixel quits after processing.

The application runs in 2 modes, plugin mode will overwrite the originals (except RAW images) and opening normally will allow you to do a save as. Note DNGs will be overwritten as they are not treated as RAW.

I you run the application as a standalone and drag the images onto the open application as an alternative to opening directly from the finder that will correct your problem. Or use the File-> Open images to open the images you want to process.

Opening from another application such as a RAW editor or from the Finder will always overwrite the image file passed.

Sorry, forgot to write that I was running Gigapixel standalone and dragged 4 jpg’s and 3 tif’s to the icon in the dock.

Drag onto the open application, not the icon. Dragging onto the Icon, either the dock or desktop, opens in plugin mode.

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But why?

I have the same problem. Prior to 5.1.6 Photoshop Automate worked fine. Now Giga appears to start, creates the Giga layer in Photoshop and then proceeds to disappear leaving and unaltered layer. Standalone works fine.