Gigapixel v5.1.4

Download: Windows, Mac
Released August 26, 2020.


  • Multiple stability fixes
  • When launched as a Photoshop plugin, Gigapixel AI should now always return back to Photoshop, no matter the scale mode or settings
  • Photoshop plugin now creates a new layer and applies the processed image onto the new layer

Hi, I’ve had no success installing the update. It downloads successfully, but I get an error message when it unpacks. The next time I try to download the update, it goes immediately to the “Do you wan to install” screen, and the app crashes when I click “yes.” I’ve tried multiple times, rebotting my computer in-between.

BTW, prior to this update, the app would frequently crash when trying to save an image 4800 pixels wide or larger. It would be wonderful if your talented engineers could create a crash recovery feature. :slight_smile:


same here.

The online installer from the application is not right, downloads the Mac updater for windows …


@dbrucestevens @ariosto.amado

Issue should be fixed now. Sorry about that!

Excellent, thank you! All’s well now. :slight_smile:

A day of procrastination paid off. My PC download and install went well. Here is a screenshot of a small image I downloaded from the Internet. I use these to make LUT’s for Photoshop and Lightroom. I like to emulate the looks in certain movies when they work with my images.

Here is one with the latest iteration of Gigapixel. A little hard to see here but face and jacket are much better.


Mac installer worked without issue on Macbook Pro.

Wireless connection so it was a little bit slower than at home.

Hi taylor
Could you tell me if Gigapixel now works in Photoshop 6? Your comments seem to suggest it does but after I installed v5.1.4 I still do NOT have access to Gigapixel in PS6, perhaps this only works with the ONLINE version? If so let me request that it be made to work with Photoshop 6 also.

Hi Taylor,

Just to confirm 5.1.4 seems to have fixed the known issue in 5.1.3 of Gigapixel failing to return the resized image to Photoshop. Many thanks!



I was informed that because PS6 is no longer available for sale it would not be supported as a host for the plugin.

Thanks for the feedback…that is too bad as I’ll NEVER RENT Photoshop. I would point out that even though PS6 is no longer available for sale ALL the other MANY Topaz plugins I have DO work with PS6 and so should Gigapixel.


Don’t worry I also use PS6 but I can also understand their position as there is no support from Adobe for any issues.

Good point Don…thanks again for the feedback. Bottom line is I like Gigapixel and will continue to use it anyway I can. :wink:

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Just updated to version 5.1.4 crashed out twice in trying to down size an image.

When you fix “red stripes bug” when “Use maximum Quality AI Models” and GPU Acceleration is enabled. This bug is only on Gigapixel Application and this is not from OS, drivers or PC component.

RTX 2080Ti 451.85/452.06
Z390 + i7 9700KF


I hadn’t check this version until just now, but the blurry image above 6x issue is still there. Using a two step process of smaller enlargements to end up above 6X does produces a good result so we have a work around if needed.

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Yep. In some pictures only 2x 4x 6x has better quality and 7x+ has blury image.

Please can you tell me HOW to get the previous version of this software ?

I installed 5.1.4 and it crashes out.

5.1.3 worked fine.

PS - as a sidenote - I’d prefer that software isn’t updated every week at a rate of x.x.1 because it seems it gets done so with bugs in it (I guess so your customers can test it for you…).