Gigapixel outputs to 72 dpi rather than original DPI

Does anyone have any idea how to get gigapixel to output to the original 300 dpi? My 300’s are coming out at 72, forcing me to go back into PS to upsize again. Kind of goes against the whole idea of upsizing without losing quality. I know, for some, that doesn’t matter, but for some of my submissions, 300 dpi is a requirement.

This shouldn’t be happening but I just tested and it is @john.delgado for your info.

Could you please raise a support request at the Studio button in the Need Help? link above.

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Note you don’t lose any quality the DPI/PPI is only used for printing.

This is a known issue and we’re working to resolve it. When you resize by scale, we automatically assume 72dpi and set the output resolution by 2x, 4x, 6x etc. If you resize by width or height and choose pixels as the measurement, we still assume 72dpi. Only when using inches or centimeters as the measurement do we currently take dpi into consideration. Hopefully we can get this address in a future patch update.

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Ok, Don. Thanks I will. I need the 300 dpi for printing.


Why, thank you, John. Don advised me to submit a help request on the site, which I tried to do. I don’t know if it submitted, but now, knowing it’s a known bug, I shouldn’t have bothered. I’ll wait for the next patch.


Can someone explain why this hasn’t been fixed yet? I see that this was posted over a year ago and I need the 300 DPI for printing. I am on the trial version and was seriously considering buying Gigapixel after seeing the results. I am getting ready to print my pictures in large format but 72 DPI is pretty much useless.

Just tell your printer to print at 300dpi, it is irrelevant what is there. But you can also raise a support request if you want to make sure the DPI is written to the Exif.

In the top right box, with the sizes, click on manual, then choose 300 dpi.

Choose resize by width or height and then choose the dimensions (inches or centimeters) then add the DPI:

Thanks for providing the specifics. I was going from memory, as my beast is in the shop.

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Should we worry about PPI levels when making gigapixels for canvas and other products?
and when I changed a PPI to 300, the suggested height is 6.00 inches, is that as big as I can go with that image?

New user here…

I see your screen cap, but my copy of the software is different. There doesn’t seem to be a “Manual Mode” .

What can I do to set the default to 300ppi? I must be missing something.
Thanks -
sue h

This post is from 2 years ago. DPI is only relevant for printing and that will be in your specifications to the Print Shop where you are printing the file.

DPI is irrelevant on a PC but, if you want, use another application like Gimp, PS, Affinity Photo and change the DPI value without resizing.