Gigapixel doing weird things to color profile

From photoshop CC (latest version) I save a tiff file that has “Adobe RGB (1998)” as the color profile. I open that file in Gigapixel (4.6.0). I uprez and save in Gigapixel, specifying ‘Adobe’ for the color profile option. When I open the resulting file in Photoshop, and check the colour profile, it is now “Adobe98”. And when I look at the original tiff file and the uprez-ed file in windows explorer, the colours are different - so windows explorer seems to think they are different color profiles.

What’s going on ?

What happens when you look at the file in PS, are the colors the same? It is for me in CS6, Adobe RGB (1998) and Adobe98 are the same :

This is my input image details (done in CS6):

These are the save settings:

PS - you can choose “Preserve source profile” for the Color Profile if you want to keep that.

The resulting image is:

But the description comes from the name assigned by GigaPixel’s output profile used:

Original from PS CS6 shown in Photos:

GigaPixel output using your setting of the Color Profile:

Yes, in photoshop, the colors look similar, but that may or not mean that the color profiles are treated as the same by photoshop. It just means that the color profiles used in the 2 images yield similar colors on my monitor.

Why is Gigapixel outputing ‘Adobe98’ instead of what photoshop outputs (‘Adobe RGB (1998)’). The difference is important because it means other programs (eg. Windows explorer) will not treat the colors consistently. And also significantly, it runs the risk that stock agencies that require Adobe may not recognize such images that come from Gigapixel.

Everything will treat the colors consistently because the actual ICC Profile Name used is Adobe RGB (1998) and, as I mentioned above, the name given by the application writing the profile is Adobe98

And, Windows Explorer only displays Icons not the actual image.

Not so, as pointed out above the ICC profile used is the same so the colors are EXACTLY the same, nothing to do with your monitor … the name or label assigned is different. You need to examine the EXIF.

But, why isn’t Gigapixel using the same name as the (defacto) standard Photoshop ? As I mentioned, I would not be surprized if this is going to create issues with my stock supplier. And, it’s already creating confusion with how the images look in windows explorer.

Further, even if I use the ‘preserve color profile’ option, I get the same behavior - the color profile name becomes ‘Adobe98’ when the input file was 'Adobe RB (1998).

They look exactly the same in Windows explorer, no difference there. And there will be no confusion anywhere else as the ICC Profile is the same.

They do NOT look the same in Windows explorer for me. (My windows system is completely up to date.) If I can figure out how to upload an image here, I’ll do that.

Bridge also shows the profiles as different, which means that when you start using Bridge’s functions such as ‘sorting by color profile’ the Gigapixel images will sort differently !

At the very least, when using the ‘preserve’ option, everything associated with the color profile including the name should be identical to what was in the input image.

I get a message ‘you are not allowed to put images in a post’ when I try to upload a screen shot of my windows explorer showing the different color renditions. If there’s another way to get an image here that you know about, please let me know.

Try now …

Place it in a new post please and also post a shot of the Save parameters you used.

The bottom image brought into photoshop CC from ACR, with colour profile Adobe RGB (1998). It was saved as a tiff file from CC.

The top image was generated by opening the bottom image in Gigapixel 4.6.0 and saving with the ‘preserve’ option specified.


What exactly are you using to display the thumbnails? I use the preview pane in Explorer and there is no difference for the one I produced.

Nothing unusual. I just open the folder in windows explorer, and select ‘extra large icons’ under the view option (of course it also happens with other sized icons).

Clearly this is an issue with some programs. Other than windows explorer, as I mentioned above, Adobe Bridge will sort the files differently when sorting by color profile. I don’t have lightroom installed, but I’d guess it would also get confused.

It is only intuitive that when using the Gigapixel ‘preserve color profile’ save option, the output image would have a color profile that is identical in every way to the input.

The color profile is identical, look at the ICCProfileName in the EXIF the ProfileDescription is irrelevant. Now if you want to upload both those images to a file sharing site I can download and inspect the EXIF and see what the difference is.

Just send me the link. (SORRY, i mean post it in this thread)

From Photoshop CC->File Info (raw data):

Top image: photoshop:ICCProfile Adobe98</photoshop:ICCProfile>
Bottom image: photoshop:ICCProfile Adobe RGB (1998)</photoshop:ICCProfile>

You need to use something like EXIFTool, PS only uses the ICC profile and displays the description.

As I cannot see any issues and as Explorer only displays embedded previews you can try bridge and see if you can see any difference. Here both of mine are after import into Lightroom:

Honestly I cannot see anything without inspecting the images themselves and the fact that the thumbnails a different means nothing as it also depends on your monitors calibration. The only place to see a color difference is in a color managed application such as PS where you can sample the actual colors.

My suggestion is, if you are convinced it is an issue, place a support request at the main website.

Actually color managed programs like photoshop, bridge, lightroom, et. al. will NOT show the difference to the naked eye. This is because they will do the necessary conversation from the .tif files’ profile, whatever it is. So, just because these programs show the 2 files with the same colors, that does not prove they have the same color profile.

It’s non-color managed programs like windows file explorer where the issue has the potential to be visible to the naked eye (like it is in my case).

At the very least, and as I’ve stated before, when one selects the ‘preserve color profile’ option in gigapixel everything associated the resulting images’ color profile should be identical to that of the input image. I should not have to worry about the files sorting differently in Bridge, or the files viewing with different colors in windows file explorer.

Yes, I’m 100% convinced it is an issue, and have opened a ticket.

Thanks for you responsiveness.

Believe me they will, use a EXIF viewer like EXIF Tool.

I’ll have a look at that,… but even if that shows the profile is “Adobe RGB (1998)”,… we still have the issues that the different naming/description appears to be causing issues with :

  • windows file explorer
  • Adobe bridge - as I mentioned it sorts the Gigapixel files wrong, when ‘sorting by color profile’

Even in Photoshop CC itself, when I use Edit->Assign Profile on a file from Gigapixel… it thinks the profile is ‘Adobe98’ and gives me the option of changing from ‘Adobe98’ to ‘Adobe RGB (1998)’. And, in fact, that’s what I HAVE to do, to make this issue goe away, so that the files look correct in windows explorer, and sort properly in bridge. So, Gigapixel is complicating my workflow.

So, it is clearly causing confusion with some programs. Topaz should be good citizen and go by the defacto naming convention so that these confusions are avoided. Especially when using the ‘preserve color profile’ option.

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