GigaPixel DLL errors (OpenCL, hddlapi, KERNEL32)

Hello, a few days ago I suddenly started getting DLL errors when using GigaPixel.

They happen when an image is updating in the right-hand panel, when it’s loaded and when I make and adjustment.

Here are the messages:

“The procedure entry point clCreateCommandQueueWithProperties could not be located in OpenCL.dll”

“The program can’t start because hddlapi.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling”

“The procedure entry point GetThreadDescription could not be located in KERNEL32.dll”

I don’t know if this is related, but recently attempted to upgrade from Win7 to Win10, but failed repeatedly, so I’m sticking with Win7 for now.

I just uninstalled GigaPixel, restarted and reinstalled but still getting the same messages. Has anyone experienced these errors?

Thanks for your time D

Please raise a support request at the Topaz Labs main website.

Did you have the system roll back?

Thanks for your reply Don…the system restored itself automatically, although it may be that a few things were overlooked. Everything else seems to work fine otherwise so wasn’t sure if it was Topaz specific. Will create a ticket

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I was having the same dll and GetThreadDescription issues as well. Thankfully my support ticket was eventually answered and it looks like a patch has been issued. I was instructed to uninstall and re-install and since then I haven’t had issues. So if you’re having the same problem as above without a solution yet, try uninstalling and re-installing.