Gigapixel AI batch processing limited to 508 images


since the 4.1 update of Gigapixel AI, i experience some problems i had not on 4.0
Indeed, there is the hue problem on some images, where colors are changed strangely,
but the main problem for me is the batch process.

I use Gigapixel mostly with batch processing to upscale videos frame by frame.
Since the 4.1 update, when the batch reaches 508 images processed, Gigapixel AI closes itself
automaticly and does not finish the tasks. It can be quite boring when i need to process 3000+ images and let my computer runs when i’m out,

For someone who works on videos, it can be really problematic.
In settings, i set “low memory graphic consumption” but i have still the same issue.

For information, my hardware :
i7 4790k
GTX 1080 TI
32GB DDR3 1600
regarding my pc, i should not have these kind of issues that i had not before the update.

Thanks for advices or a fix

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Reading other posts may help in some cases… For the color change: GigaPixel Changes Hue

I have seen this discussion before I created this one.
So, i am experiencing two bugs : Hue and crash when batch processing.

My new question :
Is it possibule to rollback to 4.0, i tried to uninstall and install it again but it downloads the packets through internet connection (4.1.2 files)…

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It appears that you can download version 3.1.1 here:

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Thanks for the link, it’s what i was looking for.
It corrected the hue problem and i will see tomorrow for the maximum number of images processed.

The 3.1.1 version fix all the problems, hue aberration (greeny image) and limited number of images processed.

3.1.1 version : Download

I will contact the technical support to tell them to rollback to 4.0 or 3.1.1

I have similar problem - after save 508 files the application crashed.
Last stable version without this problem - 4.0.3

Application Events says: error in ucrtbase.dll (v 10.0.17134.677)
Log says: the error initiated when a program tried save a file to png (original fileformat - png, no use convertFormat).

Try enable Convert File Format - JPG - Maximum - Keep Color Profile.