Gigapixel AI 4.0.0 - Non-Latin characters in file names cause crashing after processing

I’ve just updated to Gigapixel AI version 4.0.0 and found that non-Latin characters in the file names causes the program to crash. Gigapixel processes the image successfully and the crash happens just before the file is saved to disk.

Thanks for reporting this, hopefully the developers will look at correcting this issue. It may also extend to East Asian characters also.

@russelltarpley for you guys.

JPEG, TIFF, PNG or all?

It happens with every format except for PNG.


Thank you. I will get this over to the engineers to take a look at it. Do you have an example file name you were trying, just for reproduction sake?

Do you have an example image we could use to troubleshoot this?

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Any image should work but see attached below. Also, I should have said that the input format doesn’t matter. It’s the output format that causes the crashes.

PS: The name of the image should be “кирилица.jpg” I’m not sure why it becomes a string of random characters and numbers after I upload it. Maybe cause it’s in Cyrillic?

Thanks. I’ll look into it and hopefully have a fix soon.

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I apologize. I forgot that the board mangles names into whatever it needs and we have a dropbox for that. If you would, please drop the images here Sorry for the trouble.

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The application crashes even if the path contains non retain character.

terminating with uncaught exception of type Exiv2::BasicError: /Users/FooBar/Pictures/???/???/7d6e.jpg: Failed to open the data source: No such file or directory (errno = 2)
abort() called

Thread 9 Crashed:: TImpServerThread

???/??? => garbled

Looks to me like the application is trying to output to the wrong path.

We noticed similar things in our tests. The good news is we’ve figured out the problem and have a fix for it.


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