GigaPixel AI - Identify Faces for Processing

Hello everybody,
I recently bought several Topaz programs and plugins. In my opinion, there are some very good programs but in some cases some problems should be solved … For example, AIGigapixel, which is an absolutely sensational program, often does not know how to identify people’s faces, makes them scary , makes them look like they are monsters!

In the future, maybe you can find a solution to identify people’s faces and treat people’s faces with other algorithms than the rest of the photo elements. Otherwise, A.I.Gigapixel does a great job, it’s over any other program I’ve tried so far - and I’ve tried a few!

I agree that especially in the eye area it looks weird many times. It definitely needs better facial “prediction” to remove lines, shades and objects that shouldnt be there.

I understand that with many source images it is a difficult “starting point” to do predictions, but it seems like everything else but human faces works good with GP AI upscaling.