Generated .mov outputs being modified/ trimmed by software after creation

Hey everyone, thanks for the help - this is a terrifying issue as I can’t trust the software to not delete my work at the Finder hard drive level.

ISSUE: Video AI is modifying/trimming generated .mov’s after creation. I’ll watch a clip after completion (ie. 30-secs of video), confirm the output - then minutes/hours later, it’s been trimmed to a slice of it’s total length (ie 1-second of video). I’ve never experienced this in 30-yrs of editing! It may possibly be when generating multiple ‘versions’ of a video as the ‘modified’ (right column) time is suspiciously the same as the ‘created’ (left column) time of the following clip.

System: OS X 13.52. Video AI version 4.04.

2023-11-20-13-44-24-Main.tzlog (3.5 MB)

More eloquently stated by user rohitkdata
“In the new release, All the Previews are overwriting each other, and also overwriting previous Exports.”

Read this was preferred method of system profile:

MacBook Pro M2 Max.spx (19.0 MB)

Realized a bandaid was to create a new ‘Quarantine Folder’ for any Topaz exports - then move them one by one immediately after export before the software can overwrite them. Seems to be working so far.
In the Preferences, we can select the default target folder so that helps.

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