Full crash during export amd gpu only

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1.Full System Crash When Exporting
2. i7 19700f
rx 7900 xt
850 pus
64 gb ddr4

I regularly use this as well as davinci resolve. for some reason this program causes my computer to eventually shut down. I used to have this problem with Star Citizen. But then another player showed me how to make some tweaks with my GPU. Anyone have a solution? This is the only program that does this.

Can you send the logs for review?

You can access these from the Help Tab>Logging>Get Logs for Support and then attach the zip folder to this email.

Here are the logs. I have throttled my cpu down to 75%

logsForSupport.zip (232 KB)

Double check that in the Preferences Panel>Processing that the AI Processor did not get swapped to Auto or your CPU and is instead set to use your GPU.

It still crashes.

Can you send the new logs to the support team via email? help@topazlabs.com

This way they can be quickly shared with the engineers for input.

logsForSupport.zip (239 KB)