Fujifilm XH2s: Images sometimes overexposed after loaded in Photo AI

Images loaded into Topaz Photo AI are sometimes significantly overexposed directly after import. No processing by Photo AI has yet taken place. It doesn’t matter whether Topaz is called from Lightroom as a plugin or is started standalone.

This is documented in the two screenshots as an example.
Original RAW from the camera

State of the image after importing to Photo AI

There are a number of threads that deal with overexposed images, but I can’t find a solution to my problem.

So I ask for your support. Thank you in advance.


Topaz Photo AI v2.3.2 on Windows 11

DxDiag.txt (108.7 KB)

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Can you confirm that you are following the recommended workflow for Topaz Photo AI? Here is a link that describes that process:

Topaz Labs Support | Topaz Photo AI | The Recommended RAW Workflow in Lightroom Classic

Yes, I confirm that I am following the recommended workflow.

If you are still experiencing problems please reach out to us at the following link:

Topaz Labs | Support Page

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