Freeze, Purple Flash, Automatic Restart on Apple Silicon

My M1 Studio Max and M1 Mac Mini have been crashing in a very specific way while using the latest versions of Topaz Video AI. At some point while exporting a video, the cursor will freeze, the whole screen will turn purple for a split second, and the computer will automatically restart. I checked the log in the console and it said something about exceeding the dirtied memory limit.

Hello, could you send us a note at so that our team could take a closer look at this bug? Thanks!

These exact symptoms happened to me on a Mac Ultra running Ventura. I could push the all CPUs, GPU, and neural cores to full using a modified tf-metal-experiments and monitoring with asitop for hours without an issue so I ruled out hardware. I finally upgraded to a Sonoma beta and the issue went away. For what it’s worth, Lightroom would cause the same symptoms which first led me to think it was hardware.

I’m not using those computers anymore. Now I’m using a Mac Studio M2 Max. I haven’t seen the original symptom again, although, now it’s doing a different thing where the amount of memory it’s using according to Activity Monitor will steadily increase until it exceeds the physically available RAM, continue counting up (using virtual memory, I guess), steadily increase THAT memory until it hits a really high number, and then the program crashes. I don’t have a thorough report of what settings I was using, but I think it involved two passes of image enhancement and some stabilization.

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