Fit in Window option for DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI

Even at 50% Zoom, Topaz DeNoise and Sharpen only display 1/5 or so of an image. This makes working in these apps - especially with the masking tool - almost unworkable. I don’t understand these apps not having a view option to view and work on the full image. Please add as a feature request.

why are the images always large in the Topaz apps. Studio is fine, but the rest of them are excessively large, even at 50%. Why is there no way to scale them other than the manual options? I don’t need to see the images larger than I’m going to print them. Thanks

PS I’d have started my own post, but there is no option for it.

It’s my understanding that if you could view at fit screen level, every time you moved a slider or repositioned the image with auto update set to on, or clicked on update with it set to off, then the apps would have to render the whole image, instead of just the part of it currently visible, slowing it down to the point where it’s even more unworkable than you think it is now.

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