"fill" option on crop setting

Hi guys and thanks for working so incredibly hard on this software.

I see one thing that is paramount for the work I do on my thousands of hours of DV footage from around ~2000-2007.

As I am a PAL user, the resolution might be a bit unfamiliar to the software. PAL DV is 720 x 576 pixels, and the pixels have an 1.42 to 1 aspect to get the correct widescreen on the old PAL widescreen CRT TVs. So far so good, as Topaz detects this correctly.

The problem appears when I try to upscale to lets say regular Full HD. I only get a choice between “pillarbox” and “crop to fit”. However the small pillarboxes could easily be absorbed into the frame in my humble opinion.

With pillarbox I lose resolution and look (the black bars)
With cropping I lose extremely valuable original pixels

In my humble humble opinion a “fill” option would be extremely valuable in Topaz. It will be absolutely invisible to spot the difference in pixel aspect ratio from the original video as DV widescreen was meant for the same 1:1.77 widescreen as full HD is (pillarboxes are thin but very dominating and annoying).

It would save insane hours of re-rendering and lost old and new pixels if you add a FILL option in the crop settings in the “video” tab.

Thank you again.

EDIT: after fiddling around a bit it can seem like the “crop” option actually is more of a “fill” option as it seems to fill all pixels from the source to the output. I will update here depending on the results.

Hi there! Yes, as you mentioned, the crop to fill option should take care of this.

To gain the full resolution range select Square Pixel Type in the output video and not Original Pixel Type (Letter Box/Pillar Box), as your videos are PAR: 16:15 and not Square Pixel (PAR: 1x1).


The other option which i find is better is to convert your video to Square Pixel (PAR: 1x1) 1st using Hybrid tool.
Follow this Post (the part that talks about deinterlace / Square Pixel).
I would also advise not to upscale to 1920x1080, but to 1440x1080 (x2) as it is more natural for 4:3 aspect ratio of PAL DV.
Also I found for DV (PAL i tested), the best upscaling AI is Dione: DV. it surpass all the others.