File sizes smaller

Since I started using the latest update, I notice that output files are always much smaller in size than input - even when 6x the original dimensions is chosen.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.3.0] on [Windows]

Hi @shenewani, can you let me know what file format you’re saving your files as? Also, please let me know what format your original files are before you import them.

thanks Preston, jpg in jpg out

Thanks! It sounds like you may be using Preserve Source Format when you’re saving your images, this will default your JPGs to 95 quality which will (in most cases) decrease the file size of your JPGs.

The reason for this is that our development team’s tests found that 95 quality provided for the best JPG quality while not bloating file sizes, and that any further increase in this quality number was negligible in terms of tangible results.

If you still would like to increase the size of the files, you should be able to change your file save format to JPG which will make the quality slider appear, and you can then increase this to 100 quality :slight_smile:


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