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Upon opening an existing file using Photo AI (via plug-in with LR), the file is automatically saved as a TIFF file that is five-fold in size.

This happens without my exporting the file, so there’s no way for me to compress it or to save as a smaller jpeg file. Is there a way to limit this increase in file size?

Photo AI version 1.3.9 as a plug-in with Lightroom Classic 12.4, Mac OS Ventura 3.4; all latest versions.

Hi @SamoyedPapa, are you saving your TIFF files with any compression?


Where in Photo AI can I find this setting?

PhotoAI doesn’t create that TIF file… LR creates it and sends it to PAI, and PAI just sends it back… In fact, neither send it anywhere. LR creates next to the RAW file in that folder and PAI reads the file from there and just saves changes back to that same file.

@SamoyedPapa Ah, yes @Fred_Kingston is correct, if you are using the Lightroom plugin then Lightroom will be responsible for making the TIFF file.

The option in the screenshot I sent is only available in the standalone app.

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