Failure to recognise face

A most obvious face is not recognised. Also the frame offered for the face cannot be adapted to fit the face. What is needed is a frame that behaves like a crop frame with a caveat how much of face is to go into the frame.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. take a close-up b&w portrait from the 1940ies
  2. open it with Topaz Photo AI
  3. Observe that face is not recognised, only sharpen is used

Topaz Photo AI [v2.1.3] on [Mac]

Face recovery is for repairing small faces only. If selected it will,probable just blur the face, had that problem on some of my images.

How is it Topaz AI detected 0 faces in this image?

They are too large. If selected will probably just blur them. The ones in the background are probably too blurred. Face recovery is for small faces in low quality images, therefore need repairing.

I reduced file size from 240 dpi to 150 and it recognized two faces.
Thank you!

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