Failed Export: Error During Export 24FPS to 120FPS

  1. Error During Export 24FPS to 120FPS - resulting in failed export - M1 Running Very Hot - 13 sec. Clip Took almost 3 hours (ProRes HQ 422 - 24fps to ProRes HQ 422 - 120fps (490.6 KB)

  2. Apple M1 Max 64GB Ram Ventura 13.6.7

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Seeing two errors in the logs, one being a file path error. Double check that the file path is correct for the export filepath.

The other issue is “No filtered frames for output stream, trying to initialize anyway.” on a process pass but looks like it worked on the next attempt.

The other oddity for me was there are two ways to indicate slow motion, one is by indicating 120 frames and the other is 1x, 2x, 4x etc.

Well, 120 frames is 5x more than 24, yet there is no option 5x.

Why is that?


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