Face Recovery Selection edits workflow issues

When system auto selects faces and you need to edit the auto selected faces you are put on hold (long processing time) while it continues to edit the pre-selected faces. Not a big deal when only a few faces but when the shot is of a large group and the system wants to edit say 47 faces it is an issue. Can’t get control, stuck waiting. Also once faces are selected and processed bottom of screen says Selected Faces, never says completed. Confusing.
Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Click on Face Recovery in Enhancements

  2. Try to change the selected number of faces.

  3. System wont respond while its trying to edit a large number of pre-selected faces

  4. After making the face selections wanted, system says “Selecting Faces” and never changes. Confusing

Topaz Photo AI [3.0.1] on Windows

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