Face recovery doesn't understand eye-glasses

The logic behind the face recovery feature obviously recognizes eye-glasses because it reconstructs eyeglass frames, unfortunately it doesn’t understand that eyeglass frames are symmetric.
Screenshot 2023-11-21 085727

Topaz Photo AI [v2.1.2] on [Windows]

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Not all eyeglass frames are symmetrical. :sweat_smile:

Fair point, but I don’t think those were really my father’s “style” :slight_smile:

It still seems to like creating frameless monocles as well.

Hi Nicolas. Just an observation, looking at the rest of your image seeing how obviously out of focus, blurry and soft it is it certainly looks like you handed Photo AI a difficult task.

In my experience Topaz Photo AI Face Recovery has created spectacular results, sometimes truly magical. I have never expected Face Recovery to perform miracles.

I wouldn’t be complaining, in fact I would be very happy that Photo AI has got me most of the way there, this would then be simple task to correct in Photoshop or any other image manipulation software.

Well done to the boffins at Topaz

Doesn’t seem too much to ask for the AI model to understand that eyeglasses are generally symmetrical. It’s obvious that it recognizes eyeglasses, so it should be a relatively minor tweak to update the model to understand this.

Here is the result from me using free open source AI program.
What do you think about it? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Love to know what AI program you used for that

It is free program from Github and I further enhance the eyes using stable diffusion.

For more detail about the program, you may refer to the post here

Fantastic results however you still had to use more than one piece of software to achieve this, and I speculate it wasn’t as straightforward as you suggest. so still no one stop shop.

This may help Nicolas restore his father’s original image, let’s hope so

The point I was making the higher quality the original image always the better the results can be achieved

Here’s how my wife’s great-grandfather actually looked in a different image from 1890.


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