Face Reconstruction (Refinement) for small faces

HAHAHA! The AI can be really creepy and hilarious at the same time, sometimes! :rofl:

Before Topaz did the face recovery feature, Remini was really winning. But, now after comparing Remini with Topaz, Remini still wins on faces but… it doesnt do a good job on the overall picture. So its a trade off, its like do you want a high quality face and low quality background or a good quality face and good quality background.

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If the FaceRefinement would implemented in VEAI, then the Algorithm must use a range of Frames from the Video to reconstruct the „real Faces“, instead of creating only a similar Face.

That means it must analyze some Seconds from the complete Video to collect Informations how the Face really looks :wink::+1:

Or a group shot. What a threesome

Doesn’t look any worse than what Topaz does.

Thank you @uselessusername12345 for letting me know that both Hitpaw and AVCLab have already implement face enhancement model in their AI video software. :tada: :confetti_ball: :partying_face:
I have just tried a quick test on a very low resolution face to see how it perform.

Left is 4x on VEAI prob, Right is 4x on AVCLab (face refinement enabled).

The face refinement seem did a pretty good job on this low resolution example, it reconstruct detail on eyes & teeth. :100: However, other than the face, I still think VEAI is doing a better job overall. AVCLab tends to over-sharpening the edge and remove too many fine detail. :sweat_smile:

I am looking forward for VEAI to include face enhancement model in the software. :crossed_fingers:


No problem, I also totally agree that VEAI is a better option for general upscaling but having a face refinement option would totally make it the best all around option in the market, anything to do with upscaling low resolution faces just looks scuffed with the current modules but other than that it’s great.


It would be better if it just left background faces entirely alone. They don’t need to be refined if they are already out of focus in the background.