Face detection doesn't work - Version 2.3.2

Face detection doesn’t work - Version 2.3.2

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. upload an image with people
  2. Wait for face detection
  3. Wait for face detection
  4. wait for face detection
  5. Wait for face detection
    100 Abort and looking now for an easy way to revert to an older version… or try to find a new software with same functionalities

Topaz Photo AI [v2.3.2] on Windows

All the releases can be found here and downloaded for both Mac and Windows in the first post.

Uninstall the current version and after downloading the latest version that was stable for you reinstall.

This are very serious bugs!

  • I cannot run topaz on any face images, as topaz hangs while detecting faces.
  • Also I cannot disable the Autopilot!
    Please fix as soon as possible!

What can’t you disable Autopilot? Just open the application without a image then disable through settings, don’t forget to disable Face Recovery also.

When I change in preferences the radio button on “Automatically appiy filters” to “disable” the “Save” Button is greyed out.

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I have same issue; tried disabling the autopilot, but it still tries to work, even after restarting the program few times.


I still cannot work with Photo AI, when is a fix available?
Is there any way to go back to an earlier but working release?


This program is broken. I’ve not been able to use the Remove tools since an earlier update and now as others have discussed, face detection is broken and it just hangs up the program. I tried disabling auto pilot but when I try and load an image with faces, auto pilot continues to work and when it hits face detection…hang up. I’m about to hang up on Topaz. This program gets worse and worse as they update.


Topaz support asks users to send in the dxdiag.txt … but i cannot find any mail address for this.

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Maak exact hetzelfde mee na update 2.3.2. Hoop dat het wordt opgelost

same problem. progam blocks on face detection


here the same!


@TopazLabs: To which support e-mail address can I send my DxDiag file?

Same here. Face detection hangs

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Since I started working with Topaz AI even my whole system crashes. Already 5th time. Apple M1, MacOs 13.6.1

Please fix the problem with face detection hanging up on Photo AI v. 2.3.2.

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Is It that bad i have denoise standalone software and looking at the ai combi i need 5 subscriptions for my tean who all work different locations is it bad