Extremely Slow Rendering with Topaz Video AI 4.2.2 - Assistance Required


I’m encountering a significant issue with Topaz Video AI version 4.2.2 where rendering speeds are incredibly slow, clocking in at just 0.2 FPS. I’m attempting to upscale a 480p, 9-minute video to 1080p, but at this rate, it’s projected to take nearly three days to complete. I’ve tried several troubleshooting steps, including restarting my laptop, performing both VRAM and SMC resets, but to no avail.

Attached, you’ll find logs and a screenshot for further insight. Could you please assist in resolving this issue? Thank you in advance for your help.
logsForSupport.zip (331.8 KB)

This is an issue related to some mac systems with AMD graphics graphics cards. Unfortunately, we’re basically stuck at this point without an OS-level fix from Apple. Our developers have been in frequent contact with them about this issue that seems to be affecting several apps that use the graphics card heavily.

We’ve found that most users should see more stable processing speeds if they enable low power mode from the app’s preferences menu.

In addition, setting the “max memory usage” slider to 50% or 20% should also help with render times:

File → Preferences → Processing

I have no solution to the problem but would process the file for you according to your preferred settings if it is important to you to get the job done!