Extremely slow: 0.1 fps takes all day to process 3 min video

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MacBook Pro.zip (788.3 KB)

Something seems wrong here.

  1. How large is the file?
  2. What filters are you using?
  3. What is the selected output resolution?

Please send me a screenshot of the Topaz Video AI > Preferences menu and post your logs.

Thank You!

File is 400 meg. QuickTime ~ 3 minutes shot on iPhone 12 in 4k @ 30 fps

Screen shots of my filters:

MacBook Pro.spx (11.8 MB)

If you raise the memory consumption up to 100%, does this change at all? To speed things up more, you can disable that preview for export.

What is the ETA you are seeing now vs when you raise the memory usage and disable preview?

No improvement with vers3.3.1 or 100% memory or closing preview. started new file 700 meg. - 4 minutes - screen shot with prefs filters & showing only 0.1 fps & a processing time of only 18 hours & 56 minutes!!!

very frustrating! thanks for help…

the problem is that:
Topaz Video - encodes/enhances every pixel

1280x720 = 921,600 < 1,0fps = 0.01 sec
1920x1080 = 2,073,600 < 1,0fps = 0.01 sec
3840x2160 = 8,294,400 < 1,0fps = 0.01 sec

because of this, the processing speed decreases - therefore, in Topaz Video I encode 1080, then using another software I do an upscale without loss of quality

btw - you used too many filters - apply 1 (single)

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Thanks for that breakdown. I am new to using Topaz and the slow speed is annoying. I have two questions.

I am currently using a laptop. How much faster would things process if I used a desktop instead?

Also, when you process videos at 1080p, how long does it generally take you? I am trying to upscale some old horror movies that are only available in old, grainy quality. Should I expect them to finish in a few days? How long do your upscales take?



CPU intel 12700 with i-GPU 770
RAM 64gb
GPU Nvidia RTX 3060-12gb
SSD 256gb+1tb
Win10x64 21H2


Topaz Video v.330
AI processing Nvidia + codec/encoder H.264 Nvidia


from SD to HD +/- 7min or +/- 33min

but I do the upscale to UHD on another software, after processing with Topaz - sometimes I process the video before Topaz using QTGMC or another filter

Thanks for the response! I am currently doing a movie that is one hour and nineteen minutes long and it is estimating to be done in two days :roll_eyes: After five hours it’s only at 8%.

Spot on!

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